00 Chart

1 895 1506 draft Gibbethon Wrath At age eight, Ahab slaps a stable boy, so Obadiah gives Ahab a bloody nose.
2 895 ? draft Gibbethon Hiding A fishmonger tells Obadiah, “Wake up,” and Obadiah discovers Ahab feeding a homeless child.
3 872 draft Fort No Guards Obadiah and Ahab ride without guards. A Syrian arrow just misses Ahab’s throat.
4 872 draft Fort Tall Chicken Obadiah escapes to the fort with Ahab and discovers Ahab tricked him into riding without bodyguards. King Omri delivers a quick lecture about riding alone.
5 872 draft Fort Surprise King Omri puts the royal accounts in Obadiah’s hands.
6 Oops! draft Fort Silver Obadiah selects bodyguards to help him deliver two talents of silver.
7 draft Fort Road Time Obadiah delivers the silver to the capital under construction on Shemer’s Hill.
8 872 draft Shemer’s Shemer’s Obadiah and his men meet the family of Gera, the Shemer’s Hill grove manager.
9 872 draft Shemer’s Game Ahab’s newest wife seals a treaty with Edom.
10 867 draft Samaria Queen Ahab makes Jezebel queen. Obadiah and Ahab argue about Asherah slavery.
11 867 draft Samaria Homeward Obadiah races across the country and finds his father has been killed.
12 867 draft Keslote Keslote Obadiah realizes he’s no longer a boy at home but is the king’s right-hand man.
13 864 draft Fort Sanctuary Obadiah’s wife tells him of the queen’s murders. He reasons they are not his responsibility.
14 864 draft Fort Facade His bodyguards tell Obadiah of murders. Ahab tries to ignore slave children.
15 864 draft Samaria Behind Ahab defends slavery to raise silver for hiring troops and chariots.
16 864 Samaria Opt Out Obadiah searches for a way to back out of his responsibilities.
17 864 draft Jericho Jericho Obadiah and Yedidah visit King Ahab’s “rebuild” project.
18 864 draft Jericho Gilgal Hiel wants to hide his nephew from Jezebel’s thugs.
19 864 draft Samaria Pickles Slavers have killed Obadiah’s “nephew,” Liev.
20 864 draft Samaria Burial Obadiah helps the family bury Liev.
21 864 draft Samaria Mourn As Obadiah mourns with the family, he decides to hide bubblers from the queen. 1 Mourners gather in Gera’s courtyard. Jamin declares King Ethbaal has invaded.]
22 2 Neighbor lady brings her aunt to plead with Obadiah to help her son.]

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