00. Outline

1. Wrath: At age eight, Ahab slaps a stable boy, so Obadiah gives Ahab a bloody nose.
2. Footrace: A fishmonger says, “Wake up,” and Ahab feeds a homeless child.
3. No Guards: A Syrian arrow just misses Ahab’s throat.
4. Tall Chicken: Ahab tricked Obadiah into riding without bodyguards.
5. Surprise: King Omri puts the royal accounts in Obadiah’s hands.
6. Silver: Obadiah selects bodyguards to help him deliver two talents of silver.
7. Road Time: He delivers the silver to the capital under construction on Shemer’s Hill.
8. Shemer’s: Obadiah meets the family of Gera, the Shemer’s Hill grove manager.
9. Game: Ahab’s newest wife seals a treaty with Edom.
10. Queen: Ahab makes Jezebel queen. He argues with Obadiah about Asherah slavery.
11. Homeward: Obadiah races home and finds his father has been killed.
12. Keslote: Obadiah is no longer a boy at home but is the king’s right-hand man.
13. Sanctuary: Obadiah’s wife tells him of murders. He reasons they are not his responsibility.
14. Facade: His bodyguards tell him of murders. Ahab tries to ignore slave children.
15. Behind: Ahab defends slavery. It raises silver which hires troops and chariots.
16. Jericho: Obadiah and his wife visit King Ahab’s “rebuild” project.
17. Gilgal: Hiel wants to hide his nephew from Jezebel’s thugs.
18. Pickles: Slavers have killed Liev, Obadiah’s “nephew.”

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