03 Frustrat

Elijah strode over to Elisha’s father and pointed him toward distant Gilead. “You are welcome at the Tishbe vineyard.” He turned back to Elisha. “You don’t need a special invitation. Once you’re on the Gilead plateau, head for Jabesh and ask for Tishbe Wines.”

While Elisha and his mother beamed at Elijah, Elisha’s father clasped his forearm. “The Lord go with you.”

03. Frustration

859 BC


Show Elisha helping, watching, waiting.

No more plow. Burned up.

Villagers eye him. Why are you still here? (or maybe Mother sends him to baker’s for that special bread his father likes—since his plow is burned up, and he has nothing better to do—and villagers think he’s the next older brother, thank him for the feast last night, hope for the best for young Elisha who hit the road with the Goatskin Kid.)

Father finds jobs for Elisha to do that have been waiting.

Mend brothers’ robes and sandals

mend the bucket

weed the cabbage

feed the chickens and goats and cows and sheep

milk the goats and cows

pick fig, apples, pomegranates

He considers anointing Hazael and Jehu

“I’ll just run on over to Gilead and see if Elijah needs any help.”

How do his brother treat him?

Move mother and fathers’ words here from next chapter.

Next week will be Feast of Whatever – [if it’s been a year] same one as when the Goatskin Kid was here.

Elisha suspects Goatskin Kid didn’t mean for him to visit. Even though he said to. He doesn’t really want a smooth-cheeked young boy at his elbow asking what to do next.

End with a Hook – Go!

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