04 Report

04. Reporting for Duty

859 BC

p. 221 ch. 45 Return to Tishbe – Anoint Hazael and Jehu.

“head for Jabesh and ask for Tishbe Wines.”


p. 257 “You have a visitor.”


Elisha dashed past Rockam and landed with both feet spraying gravel onto Elijah’s toes. “Reporting for duty, sir.”

p. 258 “So, no nudges…?”

p. 267 This Old House

268 kill?

269 “I should listen at home.”

273 Dogs Waiting

274 skipping to keep up

275 “Not my favorite way to be greeted.”

276 “…walking moth nest”

287 in Meholah for supper

302 letter for Jerusalem

321 Gilgal

323 introductions

How long’s it been…

324 “The Lord woke me at dawn, sir.” … “I’ve come to see you off.”

326 double

329 Ch. 66. Elisha Succeeds


ii When does Gehazi join him?

What does this mean? “I dwell among my own people.” 2 kings. 4. The Shunamite woman

Why did their names have to sound so much alike?

Made it quick to compare.

Oh, he poured water on the hands Of Elijah.

Thinks he’s boring second rate tag along.

Never ever compare with Elijah

Closed and opened the sky.

Told king Ahab whats what.

Mt Horeb.

Chariot of Fire.

And that chariot was still going.

Elisha check the sky over Jerusalem. Elijah had not re-appeared.

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