11. A Time to Mourn – excerpt

868 BC

Samaria City, Israel

By the ladder in Gera’s courtyard, Obadiah held a baby on his lap. Next to him, Gera held the other child.

Close by were Liev’s wife and mother.

The courtyard buzzed with greetings and condolences of mourners.

“Hi there!” A young man slapped someone on the back, and the boom of his voice turned heads. He approached a second cluster of the grieving. “Hey, buddy.”

Obadiah glanced up. “The boisterous fellow coming our way knows me. Help me with his name?”

Liev’s mother spread her lips in a weak smile. “Our Liev has a way of letting the truth bubble out.”

“Yes, he does.” Liev’s wife sat up straight. “I know how it happened.”

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