12. I Know How it Happened – excerpt

Obadiah leaned toward Liev’s wife. Until this moment, she had sat quietly by her mother-in-law. She had stirred only to hug her friend Cozbi or to tend to her two children. Her third child rode low in her tummy and slowed her movements.

She turned to her mother-in-law then to her father-in-law, raising her eyebrows as if seeking permission.

These two locked eyes for a moment then gave their attention to the last living parent of their grandchildren.

Obadiah slapped the ground where the slavers had thrown Liev’s body. “We can’t shut up bubblers like Liev and Ulam. Wouldn’t if we could.”

He stood and set the baby on his shoulder. “I should have sent Zak with Liev to buy that jar of fish. And another guard with Ulam to hover over him while he yelled at some Moloch flunky.

He set the baby’s feet on the floor and held his hands. “Next I’ll send guards to find bubblers and protect them in Megiddo and and Beitshan, Jabesh and Ramoth and a hundred villages in between.”



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