14. Staying Alive – excerpt


Samaria City, Samaria, Israel

Micaiah and Imri followed the two little boys across the plaza and over the threshing floor.

But instead of south to Gera’s house, the little boys went east, and the moment the four of them turned the corner, the little ones jerked Micaiah and Imri forward to a skinny gate hidden in the trees then into an alley that cut south. The little boys held fingers to lips and tugged their captives along the alley to a gate in a recess on the right. One backed Micaiah and Imri against the gate while the other leaned an eyebrow into the alley and peeked left then right. “Clear.”

Uncle Gera had said a friend was working on a better hiding place. Some place warm. His parents’ house was warm but if Micaiah went home, the queen’s thugs would follow him to Mother and Dad.

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