Ch. 55 Cave Society

20. Cave Society

861 BC

Misliya Cave, Megiddo [Mt. Carmel?], Israel

The Misliya Cave is 262 ft. long.

Show new arrivals daily/weekly.

Theological camps divide the cave?

  • Soveignty of God vs. Free Will?

  • Pre-Trib vs. Post? vs. No Left Behind?

Vicki Sandiford Floyd

Overcrowding, body odor, smelly feet in your face while you’re sleeping, snoring, the jokester, the one who never shuts up, the know it all, the one who’s scared of his own shadow, the one who constantly hums to himself, the abnormally loud sneezer, hygiene, bodily functions, the complainer, the sarcastic one, the noisy eaters. Oh…I forgot the one who asks every.single.time, “Are you gonna eat that??”

Jenifer Jennings, Biblical Fiction Author

Don’t forget psychologically. They would be frightened, unsure of the future, no matter how close to God a person is doubt always creeps in somewhere. Plus, being isolated from family and loved ones always take a toll on one’s mind. Responsibility for the safety of those they love, mixed with the desire to follow the call of God on their lives. When physical needs are threatened, it brings people back to basic survival modes.

Colleen Snyder

First, what kind of light did they have? Fires in caves are problematic, because of lack of oxygen…they burn it all up. So how did they have any light to see?

Food: Yes, Obadiah fed them…but how was he able to hide food for 100 people as he was bringing it? What kind of food would it be? Jerky? Dry bread?

Water…they would need water. Hard to bring barrels of water up to a cave.

How long were they hidden? You have issues with people getting hurt. People moving around in the dark.[I can see somebody stubbing his toe or tripping and breaking an arm or falling into a crevasse]

Socially: “He’s touching me.” “He’s unclean. Dirty I don’t want him near me.” “I don’t even like him.” “He got more food then me…” And the always problematic: “How long are we going to be here?”

I would say the “how long” is the biggest factor to deal with. You can’t hide forever. Did Obadiah have a plan to smuggle them out somewhere? (I know, it doesn’t say.) But what was the idea? “Hey, you can take your chances with the Queen, or you can hide forever?”

These are some of the issues I see…

Sherry Chamblee

The fear that a man from Jezebels trusted staff is the one bringing them their supplies. Will she grow suspicious? Will someone follow him eventually?

Do their families know they’re alive? Do they risk being seen as abandoning wives and children?

Are their homes in danger of being sold away or destroyed?

Will they ever be able to go back or will they be seen as cowards now?

Martha Artyomenko

Depression, from having to be quiet and staying still. They likely could get a lot of exercise which meant stiff joints.

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