33 ways

33 ways to engage your readers and keep them coming back for more.

[Good grief!]
  1. Ask fans what they would like you to write next
  2. Give away one of your books, especially the first in a series
  3. Share deleted scenes
  4. Thank them by name for writing a review, for supporting you at BuyMeACoffee, or for sharing your post
  5. Encourage them to take a selfie of them with your book
  6. Give them helpful tips on the craft of writing
  7. Create an online book club to discuss your book
  8. Let them know when you’re doing a discounted price promotion
  9. Host a fan art contest
  10. Do live (online or local) readings
  11. Give them a behind-the-scenes look at your research or writing space
  12. Host a Facebook or Instagram live event
  13. Feature one of your readers each month
  14. Host a workshop, online or local
  15. Run a poll asking them to choose your next book cover
  16. Create a checklist for your reader to complete a task
  17. Do a virtual book tour with another author
  18. Host an “ask me anything” event
  19. Host a podcast with interesting guests
  20. Thank readers for reaching a milestone (like 100 reviews)
  21. Engage with fans on fan fiction sites
  22. Share your inspiration for writing
  23. Create signed bookplates to mail to readers
  24. Ask questions about your readers’ favorite book/movie/song
  25. Review/giveaway other books in your genre
  26. Consistently blog helpful information
  27. Give away free ARCs of your book
  28. Ask fans to write an alternate ending
  29. Respond to comments and emails
  30. Share old family photos or ask readers to share pics
  31. Ask readers about their favorite character or favorite part of the book
  32. Run a like or share post contest and give gift cards, bookmarks, etc.
  33. Show appreciation and gratitude

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