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After I publish Obadiah, I want to market Elijah and Obadiah.
Basic Pages –
  1. Home
  2. Books
  3. Blog
  4. About
Here are some ideas for the website — from 7 Secrets of Amazing Author Websites
Here are my notes. I like what I’m hearing.
Kindle Instant Preview
On Amazon grab the imbed code and past it into the webpage. Or use plugin like My Book Table.
Curious Cathy need answers to common questions:
  1. Have a contact form to show you their questions.
  2. Where did the idea for your book come from?
  3. What are you reading right now?
  4. When is your next book coming out?
  5. Find questions on Twitter and GoodReads

Book Buying Betty

  1. Dedicate a page to my book, so her Google search finds it.
  2. Make sure if she clicks on the book cover it takes her to Amazon, not downloads the picture.
  3. Put back cover copy on that page (Elijah’s need improving).
  4. Show cool things people have said about the book and include links to their websites and pictures of the people.
  5. Don’t copy and paste Amazon reviews. Use their code to imbed them. Use My Book Table plugin.
  6. A “buy” button. Some people do not like Amazon, so provide other places to buy buttons to other bookstores. Nook. Barnes and Noble. [How about buy it from me?]
  7. Thomas Umstattd Jr. does the My Book Table plugin.

Reading Club Rhonda

  1. Printable discussion questions she can download, print out, and hand to her group.
  2. A video she can play to introduce a discussion.
  3. Bulk book ordering
  4. Discount
  5. So I need a button that connects Rhonda with the right person at my publishing company.
  6. Indie pub? Use Reading Club Resources section on “My Book Table” plugin.

Impatient Irene – wants to read her next book NOW and wants to know when my book is coming out.

  1. So put a Progress Bar on my website showing my progress toward publication of the next book.
  2. Use his free plugin
  3. Button – “Be the first to know about new books.” Newsletter
  4. He likes Mail Chimp.

Event Coordinator Evelyn

  1. Audio speaking sample
  2. Speaking-Introduction length bio
  3. Short and Snappy
  4. Video Promo
  5. High resolution head shot
  6. Plugin – My Speaking Page
  7. Plugin – My Speaking Events


  1. Links to my personal stuff on social media
  2. Blog posts that answer fans’ questions
  3. Character Art – about characters in my book as drawn by my readers.
  4. Deleted Scenes
  5. Character Interviews
  6. Photos of Scenes in the book.



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