BH is NOT Assyrian.

Bunny Trail for Obadiah Chapter – A Thrill of Hope.

Steve- “There’s a serious geopolitical mistake going on in this whole chapter. Ben-Hadad is NOT Assyrian. He is Syrian (as we would know him nowadays). His capital is Damascus. The Assyrian capital is Nineveh. The two sound alike but are different and differently identified in the Bible. More on this in a separate email.”

Steve- You can call him Adadiri or Hadadezer (or whatever nickname you want to develop from either of them) safely. King of Damascus.

You’ve got a big correction to make in this chapter. Thru out you describe Ahab’s enemies as Assyrians led by King Ben-Hadad. They weren’t ASSYRIANS, they were Syrians. The Assyrian capital is Nineveh and they are led by Asshurbanapal. The Syrians who Ahab is dealing with were led by Ben-hadad and his capital is Damascus. It is common to refer to them in this context as ‘Damascenes’ if that is not too awkward for the narrative.

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