Bernice in Love

Bernice in Love

Elijah’s father’s boyhood friend’s daughter, Bernice, sees the chance to get away from her overbearing sister-in-law and takes it. But the ad for a dentist seeking a bride turns into a disaster.

Bernice’s a day late to Abilene and finds the dentist exchanging vows with another bride. One look at the mule-faced groom and she thanks her lucky stars she didn’t marry him. But what will she do with only four quarters in her reticule?

Oops! The bride flees the wedding ceremony knocking Bernice off the porch and into the arms of a handsome red-headed cowboy. The cowboy feels responsible for Bernice’s sprained ankle and takes her home with him to see the doctor.

Texas Rancher Clint McCall needs a nursemaid for his ailing mother and Bernice fits the bill. Bernice wants to tell him her circumstances, but after Clint expresses his disdain for mail-order brides due to something that occurred years ago, Bernice keeps her mouth shut.

Clint has stolen Bernice’s heart. She will have to tell him her secret… sometime. Will the time ever be right? Clint has fallen for the pretty brunette with the angelic face, but why is the town dentist stalking Bernice? What hold does he have over her?

Will Clint send Bernice packing when he discovers the reason she came to Abilene? Will this couple allow God to heal their hearts and bring about forgiveness?

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