Birdie – a Soddie

To answer what a soddie is, yes, it’s made of squares/oblongs of sod cut out of the earth, and has grass growing out of the sod on the roof.
Don’t know all the dynamics of its construction, but do remember that even though the dirt side of their ceiling had been whitewashed, occasional a grubworm or some such dropped down into the house. I wonder if that isn’t why canopied beds began.
The soddie part of the house had a door and two glass windows on the front wall. Plus the door that went into the train car. The other two walls were located into the hillside.

Inside the soddie was just like any other house, with a kitchen (don’t suppose they had indoor water) and dining table and chairs, probably somewhat of a living room (don’t recall), and bedrooms with canopied beds.

Loved that nifty place and the sweet family who lived there.

Just remembering about the train car; upon entering, Brother Kugler had his tools attached to both walls for a short stretch. Then the rest was living space. They had no outdoor tool shed apparently, but they must have had a barn.
I remember once the Junior and Marion Kugler were picking up rocks to throw at snakes and they found a small snake curled tight around the rock they were trying to pick up. Scared me of snakes that day. Their dad made them stop. They weren’t mean boys, just 7 and 8 year old boys.
My mom kept in contact with the family over the years. Mama used to take us kids and drive out to her parents house during school vacation in the summers. We stopped at their house once to spend the night.
They were still ranchers but lived in a nice wooden house. Brother Kugler was up early to do his chores so when he came in for breakfast had worked up an appetite. They served steak and eggs and stacks of toast and I don’t recall what else for breakfast.
Good people. I think I’ve run down for now.

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