In the Elijah book I ran into a problem with how the Bible uses “prophet.” The Lord has them. The Asherah religion has them. So does the Moloch religion.

I looked for a simple way to distinguish good guys from bad, like the white-hat vs. black-hat of TV westerns. Turns out “to bubble (forth)” is the Hebrew root of prophet and prophecy.

So Nathan quizzes Elijah on how he happened to tell the king “neither dew nor rain.”

Elijah replies, “I saw the king’s face. And it bubbled out all at once…”

Nathan labels him a bubbler.

He denies the charge, but it sticks.

So on Carmel he cuts the throats of the Moloch “officials.”

I tried to avoid the word “prophet” in the Elijah novel.

On the cover of the Obadiah book I plan to put “While Jezebel was killing the Lord’s bubblers, Obadiah hid fifty in one cave and fifty in another.” 1 Kings 18:4

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