Birdie made a Candle

Do you know that our mother was not allowed to read a novel on Sunday? We were allowed to read or sleep.  One Sunday they left Birdie and me at home. I was reading.

Make a candle

Birdie decided to make a candle.  She melted some wax.  It started to flame.  She turned the water on it.  It really flamed!  Caught the kitchen curtains on fire.

She ran out the back door.  This was 2000 Thurston Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin.  I ran to the phone, called the fire department.  She stood in the back yard screaming.

I got a pan and threw water on the fire.  Put it out.

Don’t come in

When the firemen arrived I told them not to come in.  I was concerned about the carpets they would step on with those big boots.  They came right on in.  When mom and dad came home, mama said, “Oh, what have you been cooking?”

The whole house was filled with the smell of smoke.  Seems like they did a lot of painting after that.

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