Did Ben Hadad have catapults?

You mention catapults amongst your siege equipment. Not sure they were a thing yet. When the Assyrians over ran Jerusalem a couple of hundred years later, they did have skin- covered rams and they did build siege ramps up to the walls of the city. And I believe they also tunneled under the walls. But I don’t think catapults had been invented yet. I can check if you want.

But also, this would answer my question to you from the first reply. If BH has invaded with siege equipment then this isn’t a training exercise gone awry. It’s a full fledged invasion and his goal is either to partition off some of the NK or else take it over outright.

If you stick with that as his motivation, then he’s got all his best generals in the field with him and will have cavalry at his flanks to scout and report. He probably does not have a big enough force to divide it and send parts to the key cities. If he’s trying to do this, he has screwed up and it’s why he’ll fail. In all likelihood, he’s destined for either Jezreel to cut off the heart of the economy. Or he’s headed for Samaria to overrun the seat of government. What he’s doing will be your call, but I doubt he could have a large enough force for it to be everywhere at once.

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