Beta Read Obadiah

These are 2nd Drafts. They still need work. Feel free to email me comments – profparks at gmail dot com Comments in the “Leave a Reply” form at the bottom of each chapter are visible to others. The modern English is on purpose. Yet, if something jars your sense of the ancient, please show me. … Read more

29b. Rub Out

29b. Rub You Out 858 BC Naboth’s Vineyard behind Fort Jezreel, Israel Obadiah marched out the gate, around the far corner of the fort, and past the patch of shrubbery where the city’s merchants had killed Naboth. At the far side of the vegetable garden, Ahab stood in the first row of Naboth’s vineyard with … Read more

23b. Suicide

23b. Suicide Mountain Shechem, Ephraim, Israel 861/859? BC [Raini] Obadiah settled next to Elder Jamin on the elder’s veranda. “My first impression of the goatskin boy and his brother was, “This kid is taller than Ahab.” “And his brother was just as tall.” The elder slid a tray next to Obadiah of two cups of … Read more

39. Author Notes

50. Author’s Notes (I’m not sure the book needs this page. These issues are good fodder for blog posts, and maybe that’s all they need to be.) So, what are the facts? Or what really happened? Or how did Obadiah’s life really go? 1. The Age of Marriage Did Obadiah and Ahab marry as young … Read more

01. The Forcing of Wrath

889 BCi Israel Army Field Headquarters, Gibbethon, Philistia Obadiah crouched, his coal-black curls glistening in the sun.ii He grasped a bar of the wrought-iron gate and reached a hand toward the stable door. Ahabiii hunkered beside him. With one hand he clutched the gate. With the other he dangled a tiny white rock between thumb … Read more