06. Transfiguration

06. Transfiguration ??? BC Mt. Something how did Peter know it was Moses and Elijah? In the Transfiguration, how did Peter know it was Moses and Elijah if he had never seen them or a picture of them? https://christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/8633/how-did-peter-recognize-elijah-and-moses https://clearbibleanswers.org/books-michael-pedrin/intriguing-questions/question-answer-new-testament/64-how-did-peter-recognize-moses-and-elijah-on-the-mount-of-transfiguration.html https://www.graceomaha.org/blog/2020/02/20/how-did-peter-john-and-james-recognize-moses-and-elijah-during-the-transfiguration-of-jesus Background

Ravens vs. Arabs

That ravens fed Elijah by the brook Chorath has been questioned. The Hebrew text at 1 Kings 17:4–6 uses the word עֹרְבִים `ōrvīm, which means ravens, but with a different vocalization might equally mean Arabs. The Septuagint has κορακες, ravens, and other traditional translations followed. Alternatives have been proposed for many years; for example Adam Clarke (d. 1832) treated it as a discussion already of long standing.[167] Objections … Read more

The Letter from Elijah

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elijah Books of Chronicles[edit] Main article: Books of Chronicles Elijah is mentioned once more in 2 Chronicles 21:12, which will be his final mention in the Hebrew Bible. A letter is sent under the prophet’s name to Jehoram of Judah. It tells him that he has led the people of Judah astray in the same way that … Read more

01. The Forcing of Wrath

882 BC A Village Near Gibbethon, Philistia Obadiah flew along the narrow path, his elbows gouging his friend, Ahab. As their sandals slapped the dirt, a brown hen squawked at the approaching danger. She collected her chicks into the safety of a low-spreading fig tree. Obadiah shot between the stable guards the same moment as … Read more

A Few More Corrections to the PDF

A Few More Corrections to the PDF Line 5157 horses and mounted archers clop-clopped behind them. horses and mounted archers clip-clopped behind them. Line 1138 Booted hoofs clopped an irregular pattern through the city gate Booted hoofs clip-clopped an irregular pattern through the city gate

Map Notes

Map Label Israel in 850 BC. Not Israel in Old Testament Times. Remove all the red lines and labels. Cities to Add. The links show where they belong.  Kishion – https://bibleatlas.org/full/kishion.htm Taanach – https://bibleatlas.org/full/taanach.htm Harod – https://bibleatlas.org/full/harod.htm Endor – https://bibleatlas.org/full/en-dor.htm Akko – https://bibleatlas.org/full/acco.htm (but I spell it Akko) (I’m looking thru the text for more … Read more

Early Bible Rap

“Well, Mika, what do you say? Go to war or stay home?” Mikayhu crouched in front of the two kings. He floated his head forward and back while he clicked his fingers to a beat. This young man had grown taller but hadn’t lost his charm. Jehoshaphat scooted forward on his throne and bobbed with … Read more

Why Elijah?

Why not Moses? When Malachi wrote, “He will turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers” (Malachi 4), why was he referring to Elijah? Why didn’t he say, “I will send Moses to you?” Moses, whose great heart of compassion pleaded with the Lord to … Read more

“Grab that goatskin!”

Elijah patted the donkey’s rump. “Excuse me.” As he dove beneath the belly, his knee slid through a pile of fresh droppings. Hmm…. Better than a sharp rock. He poked his head out the other side. A mother with a baby on her back jumped away and pulled two dirty-faced children with her. Elijah favored them with the smile which had sold dozens of skins of Tishbe wine to camel pullers on the King’s Highway, but the children screamed and grabbed their mother’s knees. As Elijah scooted past, most of the donkey dung fell from his knee. “He’s getting away.” A bronze-colored chariot stood in his path. No time to run his hand over the rail or examine the … Read more

Do you pray?

“Do you pray, Uncle Biah?” Obadiah dangled an empty prickly pear stick from his fingers. “Do I pray? Um, well.” How do I answer this child, Lord? He cleared his throat. “My conversations with the Lord lack the poetry of David or Solomon, but we talk a lot, and he listens in on my thoughts.” Ruthie hunched … Read more

Is this novel for children?

Only for children who enjoy rescuing babies, telling the king “Neither dew nor rain,” hiding from soldiers, attacking killers with a rock, running from bandits and hiding in the surf. Or asking a widow to make “me first” a piece of bread, then giving her an endless supply of flour and a bottomless jar of … Read more

Truman’s Backdrop

October 30, 2015  ·  I just finished “Soldier Citizen: a life of Harry S. Truman” by Aida D. Donald. On early pages she describes Truman’s Bible-believing home. Late in the book, on page 266: “On May 14, 1948, at 6 pm, Israel declared itself a state. Truman immediately granted it de facto recognition.” She spends two … Read more


What are you reading?  In 2021 I went through Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book again. Plus C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, which I have read once a decade since I was ten. I started 2022 with Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. And discovered the author published Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, a text I used … Read more

My Favorite Authors

These kind writers critique Elijah’s and Obadiah’s chapters, trying to teach this novice how to write fiction. Bless ’em!

See how fun it is! — Plus, for every book sold, the author donates one to OCC/Samaritan’s Purse for their Christmas Shoebox Drive all around the world.
The grandmother of the beauty reading A Snowflake’s Adventure will send you “The Song and the Dance.”

Sherry Shindelar writes Commanche Lost and connects Stories of the Past with Hearts of Today.
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Holy Land Inspired – extra content

In 1961, at Greenville College, I took Dr. Stanley Walters’ class on the Geography of the Holy Land. In 1964, Delphine and I toured the Holy Land for three weeks. In 1984-85, we worked at the archeology dig at Oboth, the Rift Valley oasis where Moses headquartered about 1300 BC (Numbers 21:10). When we weren’t digging, … Read more


So I’m writing of Obadiah’s despair when Syrians murder his father. To check if I have him quoting Ecclesiastes correctly. I search for “Vanity. Vanity. All is vanity.” The first two pages that come up show bathroom furniture at Home Depot and Lowes.

Elijah a Palestinian?

If Elijah had been on this Palestine pier in 1948, this British guard would have called him a Palestinian. (Life magazine photo by Dmitri Kessel) It’s a fun story: About 1925 BC, the Lord told Abraham, “To your descendants I have given…” (Genesis 15:18) the land called Canaan. About 1300 BC the Lord told Joshua … Read more

The Godwit’s Long, Long Nonstop Journey

Albatrosses stay airborne a lot but use surface effect. Swifts stay airborne for virtually all of the 10 months when they’re not breeding or nesting, although they eat and drink during that time. === Researchers marvel at the bird’s record-holding migratory flight of 7,000 or so miles from Alaska to New Zealand at this time … Read more

Elijah with Passions

All June of 2015 I studied 1 Kings, fascinated with Elisha, Ahab, and Elijah. In July I remembered James (5:17) “Elijah was a man with passions like ours.” In the 1980s, I had visited Elijah’s home town in Gilead and walked his paths in the Jezreel Valley. I stood where he was exiled in Zarephath … Read more

“I’m a Yank!”

At the checkpoint from Libya into Egypt. “I’m a Yank!” In Cyprus. “Can’t let you our on the street. You’re hairs grown too long. You don’t look American. Today’s the anniversary of the first bomb we threw threw against the British. In KMG, the young taxi driver.

bronze weights

“Bring your silver. We’ll use my weights.” The slaver pulled a smooth goatskin bag from a basket on the camel, brushed leaves from a spot next to an olive tree, and set up his scales. The boss ducked back into the temple and returned with his purse. Crouching beside the slaver, he set silver—rings, a … Read more

Did they have beer back then?

“Yes, you should have left us, son. That boy, Ahab, needs you at his side. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll see why you’re there.” His mother patted his hand. “What can I feed you? We have mutton, chicken, beef, pickles, beer, wine. The courtyard’s been full of friends for days, and they keep bringing … Read more

Grave vs. Tomb

At the far side of his family courtyard, a fresh moundi stood by the corner of the house. While men of wealth rested in tombs cut into the rock, simple farmer lay in holes heaped with dirt. iSD – Is this a grave? Would his father not have a tomb? [Author’s Notes]


Why So Many Trees? Why does Elijah s story Have so many trees? I thought the holy land was all desert. Elijah turned his back on the puller and raised a hand to shield his eyes from the sun. Thin clouds dusted the top of a light blue sky over an endless line of camels … Read more

What weapon did Ahab use?

In the battle at Ramoth, Ahab is in a chariot. 1 Kings 22:30 “And the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, I will disguise myself, and enter into the battle” What weapon would have been in his hand? Battleaxe? Javelin? Both? Dave Let me do some checking. I know what the answer would be if … Read more

Why couldn’t Naboth sell his vineyard?

The Murder of Naboth – 1 Kings 21:1-15 37. A Garden Killing – Obadiah 55. Dogs Waiting – Elijah Trade away Inheritance – Number 26:52–54, 33:54, Joshua 13–22, Leviticus 25:23 https://www.encyclopedia.com/environment/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/israelite-law-property-law

Emissary Obadiah

If I can figure how, Obadiah’s point of view, to show Ben Hadad respecting Omri and Ahab as able generals, then a blog post could show that from the Syrian or Assyrian POV. I think this is pretty easy.  O, being the trusted wingman he is, has probably been sent to BH’s court to negotiate … Read more

What’s it about?

The life of Elijah the prophet according to the Biblical outline, with a few additions. Twelve-year-old Elijah tries to rescue a slave girl. A few years later he challenges the king: “Neither dew nor rain until I say so.” He thinks anger at the slavers and baby burners motivates him, so the Lord’s “Hide at … Read more

Bows & Arrows

https://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Arrow Focus on the recurved bows in this table. As a kid I had a 60 lb ash bow (not recurved). I could not draw it back even half way. But at the length I could draw it, I could send an arrow straight up so high I lost sight of it. The longest shot … Read more


Caravanserai Where Worlds and Ideas Connect: The Caravanserai Steve – If this will open for you, it is a great illustration of all the commercial and social considerations that would have gone on in a caravanserai.  But please note that the one illustrated here is a Moslem establishment from a much later time.  Yours will … Read more

Did Elisha Replace or Follow?

A critique partner rescued me from a sad error in *The Boy Who Closed the Sky.* “Dave, why do you leave Elisha out of the story?” “Because on the mountain, the Lord told Elijah that Elisha would replace him. Another verse says Elisha followed him and became his servant. But you can’t follow and replace. … Read more


To the pastors during my boyhood in Spring Arbor, Michigan. Rev. Leon Voorheis (Looking for his picture) Rev. James Hudson Taylor II Rev. Verdon Dunckel (Looking for his picture) Like many Free Methodist pulpiteers, they walked us around in the sandals of Moses and Elijah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel while showing how to imagine emotions and … Read more


(From The Boy Who Closed the Sky: A Novel of Elijah the Prophet) by Dr. DeWayne Coxon President Emeritus, Blossoming Rose I have loved the stories of Elijah’s saga, but never before had I imagined the intimate sacred dimensions. Here is fiction which follows the Biblical narrative of Hebrew history. Prayers and miracles, faith and doubt, … Read more


(From The Boy Who Closed the Sky: A Novel of Elijah the Prophet) 866 BC* After Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, Jeroboam split the kingdom north from south. Two centuries later, Asa reigned over Judah and Omri over Israel. In Tishbe of Gilead, a boy named Elijah tended vines. Background King Asa – 1 … Read more

Wind and Fire

Chapter 1. of The Boy Who Closed The Sky The Yarmuk River Valley, Elijah’s Backyard 866 BC The King’s Highway, Gilead A shrill scream shot through the trees. Elijah recoiled. The wineskin slipped from his fingers, bounced off Nathan’s knees, and burst. A robin fluttered up from the forest floor. As purple wine puddled in … Read more


(From The Boy Who Closed the Sky: A Novel of Elijah the Prophet) This novice writer owes so much to so many. My wife, Vickie, paused whenever she heard, “I need you to listen to this paragraph.” My archaeologist cousin, Stephen Abbott, researched everything from iron age headscarves and cooking utensils to chariots and hoof boots. … Read more

Audio Version?

Can we do an audio version? Tim Robinson first suggested audio. Then Dorian Currier. I asked Uncle Larry if he would be the voice. Maybe he’ll want to include the voices of others in some scenes? What about a female narrator? I found this: https://blog.reedsy.com/guide/audiobooks/?utm_source=mailparrot&utm_campaign=blog_audiobooks and this: https://robdircks.com/yes-you-can-record-your-own-audiobook-heres-how/  

Signed copy?

If you live in the US, Click here, on Amazon’s link to the Elijah novel. Check the “Gift” box and put “Signed copy for Your Name.” Send the book to me, Dave Parks, 8845 Shannon’s Mill Rd., Foley, AL 36535. Send me your name, address, and $4.44. I’ll sign it and send it to you. … Read more

Why did the earth move under Elijah?

I thought his close proximity to Milkah got him “All Shook Up,” [Elvis, 1957]. But he might have been feeling vibration from the Jerusalem ” earthquake, when Uzziah was king of Judah.” Amos 1:1 Next question:  Was Uzziah king of Judah during Elijah’s time?

Critical Heroines

Four writers who rescued me. Lara C. Storm who took me by the hand and showed me how to show-not-tell. And that Elijah needed a motivation scene to go confront the king. on Facebook, Author L C Storm Ann Westerman, who had me get out a piece of paper and sketch the layout of Elijah’s place. … Read more

Finding Elijah

  [first half call Prepping for Elijah] In 1964, we crossed Gilead, the home of Elijah, and drove through Israel’s Mandelbaum Gate. Like Elijah, we headed south out of Beersheba into the Negev, but unlike Elijah, we drove down Highway 40. We braked at a lonely desert driveway curving in from the east and spoke with the … Read more

Jezebel’s hair & car tires

In my tradition, Jezebel’s hair symbolized wickedness. For instance, in 1950 my dad took me to Jackson, Michigan, where Dwight D. Eisenhower was campaigning for president. Ike shook my eight-year-old hand. The next week, a picture of Mamie Eisenhower’s bangs disappointed Dad. “His wife’s a Jezebel.” The technical question is, did Jezebel use curlers, wigs, or … Read more

Anat shows what to pack

For your visit to the mountains and valleys Elijah hiked, please check out my friend Anat Harrel’s fun notes about what to pack. And for a tour I recommend either Anat or Blossoming Rose. Anat has helped my research for the Elijah stories with facts and figures about Holy Land geography. I lived at Biblical Tamar Park … Read more

Pucks & Potatoes

by Mel Hughes David, I loved the “Like an egg from a tall chicken” simile. Great big grin from that one. On the other hand, you can’t say “potato head” in a Bible-times book. Potatoes are indigenous to the Americas, and they didn’t get to the eastern hemisphere until the 1500s. It would throw me … Read more

Did Yellowhammers really sing for Elijah?

Probably so. Yellowhammers live all over the Middle East and are listed in Israels-10-beautiful-birds. The Yellowhammer song influenced a composition by Beethoven and inspired several poems, including “The Yellowhammer’s Nest” by John Clare. “They are the yellowhammer’s and she dwells Most poet-like where brooks and flowery weeds” Yellowhammers on YouTube Eating Singing Other Yellowhammers The state bird of Alabama. … Read more


How many buttons on Elijah’s tunic? None. Jack Cunningham, Jr., alerted me that buttons were first used as fasteners in the 13th Century. In 871 BC, the closest thing to a modern shirt was the tunic or כֻּתֹּנֶת. Most hung from neck to ankles and tied at the throat. Anat Harrel gave me a heads up. … Read more

Child Sacrifice – Really?

They didn’t really kill their children, did they? To “pass son or daughter through the fire” means they shifted them really fast kind of near the flame, right? That’s how I read Moses. Then I got logged down in 1 Kings 16 and started digging into how they worshiped Baal and Asherah. It’s ugly. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/archaeologists-ancient-peruvian-empire-sacrificed-140-kids/ar-AAwrJDc?ocid=spartandhp … Read more

Beta Readers

Thank you for commenting on a chapter! Ann Videtich Cheryl Floyd Danette Bailey Darci Frostick DeWayne Coxon Donald Ingram Doug Smith Erin E. McEndree Gary Endermann Janine Rosche Jennifer Hallmark Joy VanDeMar Judy Harmon Lara Hitchcock Lexie Coxon Loana Ingram Miguel Serveto Nancy Hoorn Nancy Regatz Paul Parker Pauline Stitt Ralph Tilley Randy Harmon Robbie Coxon Shawn Kennedy … Read more

The girl next door

Elijah let the beginnings of a smile play at the corners of his mouth. “I’m going to marry Milkah.” (01 Caravan) Milkah מִלְכָּ֔ה in the Bible means “counsel.” The first Milkah was the wife of Nahor, Abraham’s brother. See Genesis 11:29 and 22:20. She was the grandmother of beautiful Rebekah who married Isaac, the promised and long-awaited … Read more