In the Elijah book I ran into a problem with how the Bible uses “prophet.” The Lord has them. The Asherah religion has them. So does the Moloch religion. I looked for a simple way to distinguish good guys from bad, like the white-hat vs. black-hat of TV westerns. Turns out “to bubble (forth)” is the Hebrew … Read more

Thickets of the Jordan

A few miles upstream from Jericho Elijah followed Nathan into the reeds. Nathan handed him chunks of Shillem’s bread and cheese. “What will you do in the thickets of the Jordan?4 We will hide.”   ‎Jeremiah 12:5 about 600 BC (!) Maybe do a Bunny Trail exploring if Jeremiah used a popular phrase.

Abel Meholah

Abel Meholah http://bibleatlas.org/abel-meholah.htm – interesting Gideon & Solomon detail http://bibleatlas.org/tabbath.htm www.bible-history.com/geography/ancient-israel/ot/abel_maholah.html This would indicate that Abel-meholah was thought of as a tract of country with a “border,” West of the Jordan, some miles South of Beth-shean, in the territory … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abel-meholah Abel-meholah was a city mentioned repeatedly in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and best known … Read more