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About Dave – old material to use pieces

Thanks for being here! 1. A little about me. I taught English at colleges in Michigan and California. Delphine, my wife of 39 years, died of cancer in 2000, and I miss her every day. Two years later, I married Vickie. Every day I thank the Lord for Vickie. 2002-2010, we taught English at universities … Read more


This one is definitive.  Read it all the way thru. It discusses qualities of roads and paths and what could be used on them.  And then gets very specific about chariots and carts.  LMK if this is enough, but I’m guess it will be. Transportation and Travel Attention! has pledged to build one … Read more

donkey behavior and communication

33 ways

33 ways to engage your readers and keep them coming back for more. [Good grief!] Ask fans what they would like you to write next Give away one of your books, especially the first in a series Share deleted scenes Thank them by name for writing a review, for supporting you at BuyMeACoffee, or for sharing … Read more

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1945 in Spring Arbor, Michigan, my father picked up the phone, and the line was busy. He said a few words, the line was free, and he made his call. Mother asked how he got them to quit talking. “Oh, I talked turkey to them.” That afternoon I picked up the phone. Two people were … Read more

Assyria   Here’s confirmation of the same info about Ahab’s defeat at the hands of the Assyrian Shalmaneser III.  Since there was no Syria at the time and the Assyrian capital was further to the east at Nineveh, I think it’s something of an anachronism to refer to Ahab’s military foes as … Read more

Ahab’s age Put this into a spreadsheet. 885 BC – Omri became king. If Ahab was 32. (Why/how did Ahab get to be so old when he took over? Why do I have him in my mind as more like Elijah’s age? 17 or so.) 881 BC – Ahab saw Zicri’s cooked books. Omri had … Read more