The Namer

In 1957, at her parents’ Manton campground cabin, she asked Beverly, “Who’s that guy?” “My cousin.” “I’m going to marry him.” And she did. When she met my cousin Donald, she declared, “We already have one Donnie in the family. (Her brother.) We’ll call you George.” And we did. When her cousin married a man … Read more

Parks Hits Deck

Doubters Unconvinced. “I owe it all to my mother and her early training,” Parks says. Although David Warner Parks, of Someplace, America, had dragged himself out of bed six days in a row, early reports claimed today’s Rise and Shine looked doubtful. The covers were warm, the pillow fluffed just so, and the phone beside … Read more

Arriving in Manton / Heaven

A few days before Delphine died, she talked about going to Heaven. “People say Jesus is going to meet them at the gate. I’ve never been to Heaven, but I’ve been to Manton camp. “You know how the tabernacle’s at the center, but we park way out by the ball field? And two or three … Read more

Birdie – a Soddie

To answer what a soddie is, yes, it’s made of squares/oblongs of sod cut out of the earth, and has grass growing out of the sod on the roof. Don’t know all the dynamics of its construction, but do remember that even though the dirt side of their ceiling had been whitewashed, occasional a grubworm … Read more

Mama Always Liked Me Best

Mimi made a shirt for each of us five siblings to wear to the meal after Mother’s funeral. Four of us put them on. My brother, Bob, bless his heart, couldn’t do it. I think Mother’s memory is so precious to him he couldn’t joke about her.


I miss my baby sister.

The Lord blessed Ruthie with a wonderful husband, Doug Voller, and sons, Kirk, Kam, and Chad. The daughters-in-love and grand children are adorable and growing.

Bob Parks Remembered

August 30, 2020 – An email from Frank E. Rose, who lived with us long enough I think of him as a big brother. Obituary: Bob Parks To those who loved Robert Lee Parks, my lifelong best friend.  Following are some memories , probably 97% of which are valid.  Frank E. Rose As preschoolers Bob, about aged … Read more

Mother, My True Inspiration

(This post first appeared on the blog of my friend, Kathy McKinsey.) Birdie—my one remaining sibling—phoned. She had read to page eight of The Boy Who Closed the Sky, A Novel of Elijah the Prophet. “I’m disappointed my baby brother didn’t give credit to our mother. Sunday afternoons she read Egermeier’s Bible stories to us … Read more

Birdie – I forgave her

In the picture, Birdie (Elizabeth Havener) is standing behind Dad, and I’m sitting on his right, at the end of the couch. In 1946 I came home from kindergarten and told Birdie the other kids didn’t know how to say aminal. They all said animal. Birdie told me, “Now don’t you make fun of them, Davy.” I was days … Read more

No Miracle for Mother

After Thanksgiving, fresh inches of snow fell every few days in Spring Arbor, Michigan, so most afternoons a couple dozen kids went sledding down Pretty’s Hill after school. By Christmas we had the snow packed into a hard base that should last through February. On the first Saturday of 1954, five days before my twelfth … Read more

Dad & the Lone Ranger

My dad sat at the kitchen table with me after supper and listened to the Lone Ranger. We didn’t have TV for a few years after it came in because good Free Methodists didn’t go to movies, and TV looked like a movie. Instead we listened to the radio and made movies with our imaginations. … Read more

Grandmother Ingram recites Forty Old Bachelors

My Grandmother, Elma Fine Ingram, baked mouth-watering cookies and recited poetry. At our 1972 Ingram reunion, someone asked Grandma if she had a song. She replied that she did not have a song but she did have a recitation. Grandma was as cute as any 12-year-old: “I don’t believe I can stay seated to say my … Read more

Birdie about Delphine

Blessings and hugs to all my friends. ` In the process of moving, I discovered the funeral bulletin of DELPHINE MARIE COXON PARKS, who was married to my baby brother, Davy, for around 40 years. (I was 8 years old when DAVID WARNER PARKS was born so he was destined to always and forever be … Read more

Noah Endermann

Delphine ` Laugh… Mirth in your voice And I will always rejoice In the love that you lived In who you were every day And I will love you til we meet again ` Smile… Sparkle in your eyes Never caught me surprised But amazed at your sweetness Your goodness and charm And I will … Read more