Bernice in Love

Bernice in Love Elijah’s father’s boyhood friend’s daughter, Bernice, sees the chance to get away from her overbearing sister-in-law and takes it. But the ad for a dentist seeking a bride turns into a disaster. Bernice’s a day late to Abilene and finds the dentist exchanging vows with another bride. One look at the mule-faced … Read more

Epigraphs Obadiah

Epigraphs Obadiah 01. The Forcing of Wrath In the twenty-seventh year of Asa king of Judah … the army was encamped near Gibbethon, a Philistine town. 1 Kings 16:15 02. Swiping Pita Bread Omri, the commander of the army. 1 Kings 16:16 03. No Guards, No Race In the thirty-first year of Asa king of … Read more

CRIT Obadiah 19. Fire H by JaneBaker

This chapter has side comments in the original. Meat sat where the Moloch men had stacked it. Cold. Raw. Obadiah’s stomach knotted. Would the boy on the boulder do any better? 19. Fire 861 BC Mount Carmel, Israel Obadiah smoothed and re-smoothed the front of his tunic as the sun edged out over the Great … Read more

27. Counter –

Obadiah grew quiet. Who would be mopping up whom? 29. Counter Attack 868 B.C. The Plaza, Samaria City, Israel Obadiah stood on the threshing floor between Mikayhu and Hiel. Mikayhu pulled on his elbow. “You know the Lord’s got this. Right, Uncle Biah?” Obadiah grunted his head. No way did the Lord have this. Ahab … Read more

21. Keren – b

21. Keren 864 BC Gera’s Courtyard, Samaria City, Samaria, Israel Obadiah nudged Gera. “How long did Liev manage olive groves?” Gera pursed his lips. “Mmm… he worked the groves with me for six years.” Obadiah turned to Zak. “You know, if Liev found woolly worm or black scale, he showed us. He never hid a … Read more

27. Thrill & Commandos (Erma’s CRIT)

A tall boy with cheeks unknown to whiskers strolled behind Gera. Messy brown curls escaped his headscarf, and he bobbed to a beat as if he were singing. 27. A Thrill of Hope 860 BC The Plaza, Samaria City, Israel Obadiah turned toward the city gate. “Gera!” A boy peeked out from behind his friend. … Read more

24 Fire

[The Misliya chapter precedes this chapter because 1 Kings 18:13 Obadiah tells Elijah he’s hiding bubblers in caves.]i Fire on the Mountain 861 BC Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel Obadiah found Ahab sitting under a dried-up fig tree next to the Dothan cutoff. “Biah.” Ahab ducked out from beneath the branches. “How much grass did … Read more

25. Grass + Tribes long

Blubbering and blowing, he pulled his face from the water. “Ruthie?” [How long ago?i] 26. A Few Blades of Grass 861 BC Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel Obadiah strolled beside Ahab through the fort gate. The two wore their signature white robes and purple headscarves. Ahab draped an elbow over Obadiah’s shoulder. “Come help me … Read more

21.5 Pray + Misliya

Old Jamin, the elder from Shechem, stood behind his cane with a twinkle in his eye. “A cave, young man. Hide people in a cave.” 22. Do You Pray? Gera’s Courtyard, Samaria City, Samaria, Israel 864 BC Obadiah raised a hand against the elder’s words. “A cave. With all due respect, sir. You can’t stuff … Read more

19.5 Mourn + Keren

What do you want, Lord? “Rescue the perishing. If you hold back—if you say they’re none of your business, doesn’t the one who ponders hearts see? He who holds your life in his hand, doesn’t he know?” 20. A Time to Mourn 864 BC Gera’s Courtyard, Samaria City, Samaria, Israel Obadiah sat with Gera at … Read more

17.5 Pickles + Burial

18. A Jar of Pickles {HERE}i 864 BC The veranda of Gera, the grove manager, Samaria City, Samaria Obadiah filled his plate, pushed a goatskin next to Gera at the edge of the veranda, and sat. Although the sun still hid behind the mountains of Gilead, from behind them, the warble of a finch rose, … Read more

16. Jericho+Gilgal

[HERE]i 16. Jericho 864 BC The Jordan River Valley, Israel Obadiah arrived at the Jericho junction as the sun settled onto the mountains of Jerusalem. Yedidah rocked from foot to foot. “I never thought I’d see The City of Palms.” ii Bodyguards reined in their mounts by the chariot.iii Obadiah curled his lip at the … Read more

14. Sanctuary + Facade

Mother had it right. Ahab needed him. He served the king. Although he hated the Baals, he was the king’s man. 13. Sanctuary 864 BC The Market, Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel Obadiah crouched at the edge of the Fort Jezreel market and pulled a few pomegranates from the pile. The fruits were small. The … Read more

11b Keslote + Basics A2.docx

[Check the individual files to see if they are later revised.] A fresh mound stood by the corner of the house. King Omri rested in a tomb in the rock. Obadiah’s father lay in a hole heaped with dirt. Obadiah knelt and sifted a handful through his fingers. “I should have been here for my … Read more

09b King+Home

10. King Ahab [Show Ahab as Ahabi] 867 BC Samaria City, Samaria, Israel Obadiah nestled against the pillar of the open city gate. He faced King Ahab, standing in his white linen robe and purple headscarf with his back to the opposite pillar. Chariot wheels clanked on the plaza pavers as two rows of bodyguards … Read more

48.5 Esc+NewsL

Obadiah stared. Had Jehu’s men discovered them? Shiphrah’s husband tiptoed toward the ladder, his field hoe circling high as if he were eager to chop the head off a snake. 49. Escape 842 BC En-Gannim, Jezreel Valley, Israel Obadiah pushed Yedidah into Shiphrah’s tiny room. “Stay back.” [GGi] They should have pulled the ladder up … Read more

07.5 Ger+Cu

08 Gera the Grove Manager 872 BC Shemer’s Hill, Israel Obadiah stopped under the lone oak tree on the south side of the hill, left it’s spreading limbs, and follwoed a narrow trail through five rows of olive trees. He stood with his bodyguards to a gate and called across the strange courtyard, “Hello, the … Read more

04.5 A-B-D

Previous: As King Omri followed them in, he announced, “I’ve got another wife for Ahab.” 05 Another Obadiah shied from the servant who hurried to him with a broom. Why had the gate guard whispered the old fishmonger’s “wake up”? The servant swept up bits of grass and dirt fallen from Obadiah’s sandals, and the … Read more

46-48 J C H

“Your old friend Jehu’s got a list of new enemies, and you’re at the top. Angels had to drag Lot out of Sodom, and I smell fire and brimstone.” Zak yanked Obadiah to his feet. 46. Who Is On My Side? 842 BC The Bakery, Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel Obadiah scowled as Zak guided … Read more

43-45 D-B-B

Obadiah stood. Syrian scavengers were scouring the battlefield, killing wounded Hebrews and stripping the dead. He must carry his king and his people home. 43. The King Is Dead 8?? BC Ramoth, Gilead, Israel Obadiah stood in the deepening dark and found Jehu. “General, our troops are scattering to their own homes. But we need … Read more

38-9. F & Ram

39. To Fight or Not to Fight 8?? BC Plaza, Samaria City, Israel Obadiah entered the aroma of roasting beef and mutton at the city gate, followed by his bodyguards. On the threshing floor, he turned away from the harps and lyres and threaded through the happy, gossiping crowd to the potter’s shop. With his … Read more

20. Mourn-SD

What do you want, Lord? “If you hold back. If you don’t deliver those who are drawn unto death, about to be killed. If you say, ‘Look, I didn’t know’—doesn’t the one who ponders hearts see? He who holds your life, doesn’t he know?” 20. A Time to Mourni 864 BC Gera’s Courtyard, Samaria City, … Read more

18. Opt Out

18 Opt Out.docx Obadiah 1923 Words “Priorities, Biah. You’ve never understood priorities.” Ahab pushed past him and stomped into the alley. As the bodyguards followed the king, the guardi with the apple hidden in his robe fell behind and leaned toward the girl next to last in line. [Since these are NOT the final words … Read more

09. Curious

09. The Curious Prince 872 BC Shemer’s Hill, Israel Obadiah woke to the scratchy voice of Ahab. “… how will you defend our nation?” A rooster crowed in the dark. Fumbling with his headscarf, Obadiah stumbled into the hall. Ahab’s voice came from far away. “Wake up, right-hand man. Wake up. I got the sun … Read more

5. Footsteps of Elijah

A photo tour by blossoming rose volunteers. Photos by blossoming rose volunteers – Or – By the members of – Or – On tour with7 Insert a Content Views thing here that holds old tour PAGES. And another for old tour POSTS. Where he came from – Tishbe – Hometown Where he confronted King Ahab – Jezreel City … Read more

15. Where to Hide Bubblers? – excerpt

15. Who, Where, and How Collects Bubblers 877 BC Samaria City, Samaria? – or Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley? , Israel Obadiah is with whom? Yedidah? Gera? We need one older bubbler that the other assume will lead. Micaiah n Imri’s mothers send Extra robes for the cold Caves to grove via Hodiah How does Obadiah … Read more

14. Staying Alive – excerpt

Date? Samaria City, Samaria, Israel Micaiah and Imri followed the two little boys across the plaza and over the threshing floor. But instead of south to Gera’s house, the little boys went east, and the moment the four of them turned the corner, the little ones jerked Micaiah and Imri forward to a skinny gate … Read more

13. Micaiah Goes to Market – excerpt

Date? Plaza, Samaria City, Samaria, Israel Micaiah bounced to a beat as he led his donkey into the pre-dawn market. He whistled snatches of a psalm, bent, and by the light of the stars looped the donkey’s lead line onto a stone at the corner of his alloted space. Then he reared back and belted … Read more

12. I Know How it Happened – excerpt

Obadiah leaned toward Liev’s wife. Until this moment, she had sat quietly by her mother-in-law. She had stirred only to hug her friend Cozbi or to tend to her two children. Her third child rode low in her tummy and slowed her movements. She turned to her mother-in-law then to her father-in-law, raising her eyebrows … Read more

11. A Time to Mourn – excerpt

868 BC Samaria City, Israel By the ladder in Gera’s courtyard, Obadiah held a baby on his lap. Next to him, Gera held the other child. Close by were Liev’s wife and mother. The courtyard buzzed with greetings and condolences of mourners. “Hi there!” A young man slapped someone on the back, and the boom … Read more

10. Burial – excerpt

Obadiah choked. They couldn’t put Liev in the ground. Not yet. How could Liev see if the new baby was boy or girl? How could his boys grow into men without his hand on their shoulders? But Obadiah stared off at nothing then spoke to the neighbor. “Can you loan us a large skin, brother? … Read more

09. Asherah Delivery – excerpt

863 BC Samaria City, Samaria, Israel Gera screamed. Obadiah and his guards whirled and thundered through the trees to the gate. On the far side of the courtyard by the ladder to the living quarters, Gera and his wife knelt next to someone on his back. “What?” Obadiah flipped the gate open, flew to them, … Read more

08. Children for Sale – excerpt

863 BC Samaria City, Israel Obadiah motioned Ahab’s bodyguards forward. One guard yawned and polished an apple on his tunic. A girl gaped at the apple. The guard followed her gaze. Obadiah held his breath. Would this man see the child as girl or as prostitute? The guard’s mouth closed, and color drained from his … Read more

07. Facade – excerpt

863 BC Samaria City, Israel Obadiah rolled into Samaria City, paused on the threshing floor, and waved at King Ahab on the palace veranda. King Omri had died two years ago, and Ahab insisted his old friend continue managing royal business. In front of Queen Jezebel’s Asherah temple, a young girl groaned and fell on … Read more

06. A Jar of Pickled Fish – excerpt

863 BC Samaria City, Samaria, Israel Obadiah wheeled into the south side of Samaria City for his monthly inspection of olive groves. His driver parked the oversize chariot next to the path at the house of Gera. As Obadiah’s chief grove manager, Gera supervised how managers planted, pruned, picked, and pressed olives. Obadiah hopped down. … Read more

05. Business Basics – excerpt

871 BC Shemer’s Hill, Samaria, Israel Obadiah sat on the veranda of the new King Jeroboam Inn and pointed a cucumber slice at Ahab. “Tell me, my prince, does Jezebel really have fourteen hairdressers?” A chuckle came from a nearby bodyguard. Obadiah planted his feet wide, locked eyes with Ahab, and laughed. “Business basics, my … Read more

04. These Don’t Add Up – excerpt

877 BC Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel Obadiah gripped his throat. Execution stakes. Whose family would die? He turned and absorbed the view. Beyond latticed windows, white doves chased each other through almond trees in blossom. Yet the voice of the chief bodyguard jerked him back toward the doorway. “Stakes for the children, my lord?” … Read more

03. Outta Here – excerpt

877 BC Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel Obadiah whacked Ahab’s horse. “Outta here!” Shochar leaped ahead. Another arrow plunked in beside the first. Ahab flattened on Shochar and kicked him into a dash for the fort. They found King Omri planning an execution.

02. No Guards. No Race. – excerpt

877 BC Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel Twelve years after giving each other a bloody nose, Obadiah and Ahab rode out the gate of the fort. Obadiah turned toward Ahab. “Where’s our squad? Since your father became king, he drills his gaze through to the back of my skull and commands, ‘Keep my son safe.’” … Read more

00. The Start

  I mixed Obadiah’s story with Elijah’s, making too many characters competing for attention. So I restricted Obadiah and Ahab to cameo appearances in the Elijah story then moved the 46 rough drafts of Obadiah chapters here. Back to Obadiah →  

27. Warriors

33. The Warrior Princes [Stevei] 868 B.C. The Plaza, Samaria City, Israel Obadiah rolled his eyes. When they needed ten thousand chariots and three hundred thousand spearmen, Gera had brought them a singer of psalms who thought he heard military strategy from on high. Ahab pinched Mikayhu’s cheek as if the boy were his little … Read more

26. Thrill

26. A Thrill of Hope [Stevei] 860 BC The Plaza, Samaria City, Israel Obadiah turned toward the city gate. “Gera!” A boy followed Gera. The noonday sun showed the lad puckering as if he whistled a tune. The chatter of the plaza buried any sound, yet the young fellow bounced to a beatii as he … Read more

29. Fire – early version

’29. Fire [cavesi?] 861 BC Mount Carmel, Israel Obadiah smoothed the front of his tunic as the sun edged out over the Great Sea. No clouds were forming from the sea for the early afternoon shower. Showers had stopped when the boy closed the sky. The surface lay calm, with only a few ripples from … Read more

28. Tribes

Obadiah covered Ahab’s hand with his own. “I’ll notify the tribes, my king.” 28. The Tribes Gather [cavesi?] [Bible lines?ii] 861 BC Mount Carmel, Israel Obadiah stood with Ahab and their bodyguards, surrounded with the murmur of the crowd at the south edge of the crest of Mount Carmel. On Obadiah’s right, Elijah and his … Read more

26. Grass

[What if Grass, Tribes, and Fire came earlier in the book? Conform all chapters to Elijah’s date.] 26. A Few Blades of Grass [cavesi?] 861 BC Fort Jezreel, Jezreel Valley, Israel Obadiah strolled beside Ahab through the fort gate. The two wore their signature white robes and purple headscarves. Ahab draped an elbow over Obadiah’s … Read more

21. Taanach

Obadiah narrowed his eyes and slung words at the guard. “Well, this is…Yes? What is it?” “A c-cave, sir. Hide p-people in a cave.” Next chapter. Caves are narrow. Wet. Cold. Can’t breathe. [Oh, there’s caves you can breathe in, siri] [HEREii] 23. The Woman from Taanach [Show the king searching for Elijah!] [ORDERiii] Keslote, … Read more

When did the King’s Highway lose its trees?

Add to trees, kings highway. Those Jews. They cry and they get anything they want. Preface with professor. Well known fact that trees increase rainfall. The King’s Highway was once thick with trees. This trail carried trade from Egypt across the Sinai Peninsula to Aqaba, north to Damascus and the Euphrates River. Here the kings of Edom and of Amor refused … Read more