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The Imported Witch – Jezebel, daughter of Tyre, Queen of Israel Jezebel-Untold-Story defending_the_harlot_queen Jezebel. What Christian has written fiction about her? (Martha Artyomenko Ginger Garett, Dana McNeeley, and Mesu Andrews.)

Jane’s Q & A

My friend and critique partner, Dave Parks, has recently published a terrific book about Elijah, and is about to publish another. I invited him to tell you about himself and his work, and here is what he said. What book did you publish? What’s the book about? Twelve-year-old Elijah tries to rescue a slave girl. … Read more

Map Points

Custom Map Make custom, real-world maps — Check out Felt. Kishion Fort Jezreel Jezreel Valley Mt. Tabor Samaria City Jerusalem Jericho Bethel Gilgal Beitshan Megiddo Ramoth Jordan River Sea of Galilee Salt Sea Great Sea Oboth Taanach Misliya Cave Tirzah Dothan Qafzeh Cave Petra Haifa? Beersheva Joppa  

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Fictional Story Boarding Outline of The Hero’s Journey with Faith Points By Christina Sinisi (Adapted from work by Alexandra Sokoloff with the Faith Points Original)   For each book I write, I start with a posterboard, the kind your child uses for the Science Fair. Then, I tape index cards going vertically for each of … Read more


Jason the choir director watches Rev. Daniel return to his study and notes the deep furrow in his [whose?] brow. He [who?] never married. He never tells his age. There is not a musical instrument he has not mastered or dabbled with. Music is his life. He revamped this song with the help of a … Read more


Hi Dave, I’m Dave Chesson, the creator of Kindlepreneur, and welcome. I’ve worked with multiple NYT bestselling authors in fiction and nonfiction, and have even been a paid consultant to large publishing companies. However, today, I want to help you learn about marketing your book. ​ ​ –>Chances are you signed up to get access to one … Read more

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Welcome to – Stories from the Bible – by Dave Parks. [SDi] I could insert from the About page here.   How old was Elijah? Paintings in museums show Elijah with bald head and white beard.…[More] ii Where did you get the idea for The Boy Who Closed the Sky? In Kings and Chronicles…[More] When … Read more




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Which Elijah chapter was the most fun to write? 48. Brother Gone Mad. Quick Summary: Elijah spent three and a half years abroad with his heart aching for Milkah the girl next door. When the Lord finally tells him to come home, Milkah is glad to see him but… “you pop over the ridge like … Read more

Elevator Hook

One easy way to test your book hook is to describe it in four lines to your family and see if they can tell you what your book is about when it’s over. If it’s muddled,  confused, etc., your book might need some work.

Madeline’s Questions

What did you want to be when you grew up? When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? When did you start to write? What was the first writing you had published? Where do you write your books? What is the best advice you have ever received about writing? What’s your first childhood … Read more

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Gail Whelan

Biblical Storytelling at Its Best “Elijah was a man with passions like ours.” – James 5:17 David Parks, Greenville College-educated author, in his recently published book, The Boy Who Closed the Sky, imagines himself as Elijah, the Prophet, whose story unfolds in the Bible in Kings 1 and 11. Parks makes his prose sparkle and … Read more


Chronicles of the Kings – Tales from the House of Omri – BC Tales – Bible Stories New – Old Stories New –   1. The Boy Who Closed the Sky 2. Escape to Zarephath 3. The Lord Said Listen 4. The Return of the Tishbite 5. The King’s Right-hand Man ————— “The Lord Said” series: … Read more


– To sketch Obadiah more deeply show him under the pressure of ALL his duties, wisecrack to himself about how he’s now got to become an expert on vineyards and olive orchards in addition to being an expert on horse husbandry – given that they were also selling horses as an important revenue stream.


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Carolyn Bessell fY0me8st2umecSprt8aday 4a7t 4:5o5 eAM  ·  I’m a prawn and have been publishing for a year. Prior to Christmas I was selling 40 to 50 books per month. Then in January I sold 95, and I’ve already sold 57 for February. I haven’t changed covers or blurbs, or my marketing. Nor have I released a new book. Just … Read more

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Author Website Tyler Avada website design by robin After I publish Obadiah, I want to market Elijah and Obadiah. Basic Pages – Home Books Blog About How to Build Here are some ideas for the website — from 7 Secrets of Amazing Author Websites Here are my notes. I like what I’m hearing. Kindle … Read more

Audiobook – Wayfarer Full-Cast

The Making of a Full-Cast Audio Book: Interview With Wayfarer Producer Kenny Sargent Email Save “>SHARE As of just a few weeks ago, my gaslamp fantasy novel Wayfarer was transformed into a full-cast audio book, complete with original music and sound effects. For me, it was unique experience, having been approached by new audio theater company Sargent Family … Read more

Better Elijah Blurb

Do a normal one for Elijah Back Cover Copy Formula Start w Gail’s piece Many years before Elijah became the wizened and bowed The whirlwind snatched an old… A white haired wrinkled Elijah Elijah was.. When the whirlwind snatched Elijah Chased by soldiers, fed by ravens, and sheltered by a widow in a distant land. … Read more


March 10 – publish Friend of the King, Enemy of the Queen. April 1 – establish monthly blog of bunny trails from Elijah/Obadiah. May 1 – decide which projects to tackle and when. Here’s a list in order of preference: Chariot Tales – Elijah in Malachi, Matthew, & the Talmud – a novel The Footsteps … Read more

Maps in next editions

Make custom, real-world maps — Check out Felt. Which cities does the map need? Use 2 or more Show Tyre and Sidon and Zarephath in one. Samaria city in 2nd Tishbe in 3rd Ovot and Horeb in 4th

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Would you like to be a beta reader? I really like how Lynn Tagawa puts it: What’s a beta reader? A beta reader gets the story before the proofreader, before the final edits. He or she reads each chapter and make a few remarks on it before going on to the next (there are different … Read more

Elijah 2nd Edition

When you find typos in The Boy Who Closed the Sky, please think “Second Edition” and send me the page number and the exact wording of the line. Use email (profparks at or this Leave a Reply form below, okay? If I make a second edition of I would like to… put a map … Read more