Timeline (of sorts)

Omri 12 yrs. 6 in Tirzah1

0. 895 BC Prologue: Ahab and Obadiah cheer the troops.

1. 895 BC Wrath: They bloody each other’s noses.

2. 883 BC Race: A Syrian arrow cuts short a horse race. [Omri starts 6 yrs in Tirzah]

3. 877 BC Jezebel: Biah another job and Ahab a new wife. [Omri starts 6 yrs in Shemer]

871 Omri dies

4. 869 BC Shemer’s Hill: As Obadiah hires managers, he argues values (Ahab 2 yrs king)

5. 8692 BC Picked Off: Obadiah’s father is murdered. (King Ahab)

6. 865 BC Goatskin: A boy in a goatskin challenges King Ahab.

7. 864 BC Yedidah: Obadiah’s wife tells him Jezebel is murdering bubblers.

8. 863 BC Slaves: While Obadiah sees suffering, Ahab sees silver.

9. 863 BC Pickles: Slave traders murder Liev.

10. 863 BC Burial: Obadiah helps bury Liev.

11. 863 BC Mourn: As mourners gather, other murders come to light.

12. 86? BC Jericho: Obadiah visits a cave by Gilgal and Hiel’s rebuild project.

13. 86? BC Megiddo: Obadiah

14. 863? BC Alive: Liev’s father hides bubblers in his olive groves.

??. 861 BC I’m Here: Elijah returns.


1 Omri became king of Israel, and he reigned twelve years, six of them in Tirzah.

2 Why 4 yr gap?

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