The Boy Who Closed The Sky

  • Where did you get the idea?
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In Kings and Chronicles, I became fascinated with Elijah and Elisha, Ahab and Obadiah. Then I remembered “Elijah was a man with passions like ours.” (James 5:17)

Did he have a temper?
Get discouraged?
Notice the ladies?

  • What’s the book about?

Twelve-year-old Elijah tries to rescue a slave girl. A few years later he gets beat up trying to save a baby from being sacrificed to Moloch the rain god. He storms off to the capital city and tells the king: “Neither dew nor rain until I say so.” He doesn’t know where those words came from.

He thinks anger motivates him, so the Lord’s “Hide at the Brook” must mean he’s hearing things. Not until Moloch thugs have him hiding under a thorn bush does he pay attention to the Lord’s voice. The story follows the Biblical outline, ending with a chariot of fire and the mantle falling on Elisha.

  • Where can I read the first chapter?

Click here to read Chapter 1. Wind and Fire


  • Where can I buy the book?

Click here to buy The Boy Who Closed the Sky.

  • Is this novel for children?

Only for children who enjoy rescuing babies, telling the king “Neither dew nor rain,” hiding from soldiers, attacking killers with a rock, running from bandits and hiding in the surf.
Or asking a widow to make “me first” a piece of bread, then giving her an endless supply of flour and a bottomless jar of oil.
Then, when the widow’s son dies from a scorpion bite, praying and seeing the Lord revive the child!
Only this kind of children will enjoy this story.

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