Birdie about Delphine

Blessings and hugs to all my friends.
In the process of moving, I discovered the funeral bulletin of DELPHINE MARIE COXON PARKS, who was married to my baby brother, Davy, for around 40 years. (I was 8 years old when DAVID WARNER PARKS was born so he was destined to always and forever be my baby brother. Smiles.)

The front of the bulletin reads:

V i n t a g e D e l p h i n e
March 9, 1941 — September 30, 2000
God is Real… We are made for His Kingdom…
God Likes You… I’m the Lord’s Hallelujah…
You must first learn to enjoy people,
Then you can begin to like them,
Then you can go on to love them.
Not One Hoof Shall Be Left Behind!!!

My tribute to Delphine is simple:
She knew me as well as one person can know another, and she loved me.

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