5. Footsteps of Elijah

A photo tour by blossoming rose volunteers.

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  1. Where he came from – Tishbe – Hometown
  2. Where he confronted King Ahab – Jezreel City
  3. Where he hid by a brook – Kerith
  4. Where he hid with a widow – Zarephath
  5. Where God sent him a fire ball – Mt. Carmel
  6. Where he ran for his life. – Beersheba
  7. Where he hiked in 40 days and nights – Forty
  8. Where God showed him a three-act play
  1. Where he threw his cloak on Elisha – Abel Meholah
  2. Where he went to the barber – Hair
  3. Where no man has gone before


To Zarephath
Mt. Carmel
To Beersheba
Where no man has gone before
40 days and nights
Elijah’s hair
Jezebel’s hair


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