March 10 – publish Friend of the King, Enemy of the Queen.

April 1 – establish monthly blog of bunny trails from Elijah/Obadiah.

May 1 – decide which projects to tackle and when. Here’s a list in order of preference:

  • Chariot Tales – Elijah in Malachi, Matthew, & the Talmud – a novel

  • The Footsteps of Elijah – a coffee table book (photos)

  • A Study of the Life of Elijah – a study guide to The Boy Who Closed the Sky

  • Holy Land Photos by Tourists – a web page

  • Elisha Turned Loose – a novel

  • The Cat Who Came in from the Cold – a children’s book

  • The Boy Who Closed the Sky, 2nd Edition – add a map, fix typos, smooth, tighten, hire an editor

  • Hiding Bubblers in Caves – a novel

  • Back to the Garden of Eden – helping Erma with this novel.


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