David’s greatest moment?

“What was David’s greatest moment?”

Elijah’s father used what we call the Socratic method of teaching. He asked his children questions. (Since Socrates was born about four centuries after Elijah, did Socrates call it the Elijah method?)

Our Sunday night small group answers:
Dancing before the Lord
Defeating Goliath
Writing the Psalms
Obeying God and following Him
Humility and brokenness after Bathsheba encounter
When Samuel anointed him king
When he was shown he had sinned with Bathsheba but was forgiven

What do you say?

9 thoughts on “David’s greatest moment?”

  1. I lean toward his youth: anointed as future king and he demonstrated unusual patience and long-suffering for his age. He also showed immense respect for God’s choices above his own (not killing Saul when he had the chance).

  2. I want to go with the David and Goliath moment

    it’s clearly historic,

    it’s iconic, everyone from children to adults remembers

    it’s a great story applicable to all cultures and many stages of life

    it has profound theological implications

    implicitly, I use the analogy whenever a huge problem arises

    it has childhood innocence coupled with complete trust in the God of salvation

    as stories go, it’s pretty clean, even though the Giant’s head is lopped off

    even the king’s daughter was really impressed

    and the people acclaimed him with exaggeration, 10 thousands and all

    so much so that I’m sure I should cover something in this great story, even in my uncle Reggie stories! Even though it’s a story told many times….. But in my case I think that for China scholars, this has unusual implications.


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