Free Methodist – Greek to Me

by Donna Caddell

RE – Dub-Yar

Very interesting but all Greek to me.

My father, Donald D. Woods and grandfather, Guy H. Woods, were Rev. Woods or Brother Woods, never heard anyone refer to them by their initials. We called all pastors, in the Oil City Conference that is, Brother, Dr. or Rev. Snyder, Rev. Ohmer Shellhaas, or Brother Roushey, Rev. Dickson, Rev. Bob Wallace, etc.

I’ve never known a pastor that was called by his initials, only B.T. Roberts, LOL.

My father was the dean of men at Roberts. I was born in 1951, just funny that on the East Coast, I’ve never heard of referring to one of the ministers in our conference or local pastors by their initials.

Learn something new everyday.

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