How Elijah arrived too early to see the shiny pottery

I bet readers would love a bunny trail by you about how Elijah arrived to early to see shiny pottery. You could give them a date and show them when it started in Asia and how it spread to the Middle East and populate the post with these nifty pottery pieces from this email.
 then this one also leaped out at me:
At the pottery, a man scurried out the door, his arms loaded with shiny new plates and bowls.  
Below are some examples of typical pottery ware from those times.  Note that none of it has a glazed finish.  Not even royalty would have had glazed finish pottery b/c it was another Asian development that would not arrive in the Levant for a good long while.  The examples here are a wine/liquids urn, a typical bowl and an oil lamp:

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