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My friend and critique partner, Dave Parks, has recently published a terrific book about Elijah, and is about to publish another. I invited him to tell you about himself and his work, and here is what he said.

What book did you publish?

What’s the book about?

Twelve-year-old Elijah tries to rescue a slave girl. A few years later he gets beat up trying to save a baby from being burned up by Moloch the rain god. He storms off to the capital city and tells the king: “Neither dew nor rain until I say so.” He doesn’t know where those words came from.

He thinks anger motivates him, so the Lord’s “Hide at the Brook” must mean he’s hearing things. Not until Moloch thugs have him hiding under a thorn bush does he pay attention to the Lord’s voice. The story follows the Biblical outline, ending with a chariot of fire and the mantle falling on Elisha.

How did you get the idea for this book?

In Kings and Chronicles, I became fascinated with Elijah and Elisha, Ahab and Obadiah. Then I remembered “Elijah was a man with passions like ours.” (James 5:17)

Did he have a temper?
Get discouraged?
Notice the ladies?

Where can I read the first chapter?

Click here to read Chapter 1. Wind and Fire

What do readers say about this book?

It’s like I’m there. Watching.

I loved every part of this book!


The feel and texture of this story drew me into the ancient world of the Bible.

Gary Endermann

Where can I buy the book?

Click here to buy The Boy Who Closed the Sky.

When’s your next book coming out?

If the Lord wills and I live, in the fall of 2022 I hope to publish the story of Obadiah.

Friend of the King.
Enemy of the Queen.

What’s this next book about?

Obadiah bloodies Ahab’s nose when they are kids and races Prince Ahab on horseback when they are growing up.

Together as adults, Obadiah and King Ahab stand against the invading Syrians.

When Queen Jezebel kills the prophets, the Lord challenges Obadiah to wake up.

Will he turn inward and protect only his family? Or will Obadiah defy the queen and hide these good men?

Rescue the perishing. … He who holds your life in his hand, doesn’t he know? Proverbs 24:11-12

Have you been to the Holy Land?

In 1964, Delphine and I toured the Holy Land for three weeks.

In 1984-85, we worked at the archaeology dig at Oboth, the Rift Valley oasis where Moses headquartered about 1300 BC (Numbers 21:10). When we weren’t digging, we led busloads of tourists around Israel, introducing them to the Biblical sites. Plus, we made personal jaunts exploring Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan.

I wandered Elijah’s village in Gilead and trudged his paths in the Jezreel valley. Stood in his footprints on Mt. Carmel. In Zerephath, marveled with him at snow-covered Mt. Hermon. The songbirds of the Bible hovered in me with rock badgers, Absalom oaks, and the usual rain shower at 1 pm. 

Here’s an excerpt

“Do you pray, Uncle Biah?”

Obadiah dangled an empty prickly pear stick from his fingers. “Do I pray? Um, well.” How do I answer this child, Lord? He cleared his throat. “My conversations with the Lord lack the poetry of David or Solomon, but we talk a lot, and he listens in on my thoughts.”

Ruthie hunched her shoulders. “Was that a yes or a no? Do you pray?”

Obadiah sighed at Yeskah. “Little Hammurabi.” He took a long breath. “Yes, Ruthie. I pray.”

What kind of person are you?

Delphine, my wife of 39 years, died of cancer in 2000, and I miss her every day.

Two years later, I married Vickie. Every day I thank the Lord for Vickie.

I taught English at colleges in Michigan and California.

2002-2010, we taught English at universities in China then retired ten miles from the Alabama Coast.

English Professor


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