Jezebel’s Beauty

I’m discovering that people assume she was a great beauty and a wily conniving person.
But the Bible, of course, says nothing about her looks or character.
I’m sneaking in a little scene showing King Omri getting a wife from Edom for Ahab to  open trade channels and protect his southeastern borders.

As a prelude to when Ahab contracts with Ethbaal to marry Jezebel and put her in the Queen position in exchange for cooperation with the Phoenicians.

I know.  It’s part and parcel of her mystique.
And there is NOTHING I know of that substantiates that!  As part of deal with Ethbaal, she could have been hideous for all we know and still have been the linchpin of the treaty.  But, as I’ve discussed with you previously, I doubt she was too far off the mark.  She would have come to Ahab well trained for a girl of her time. Probably, like Ahab and O, with deep exposure to the ways of the court from having grown up in it.  She probably had a pretty good idea of her role, her duties and where her loyalties needed to be.  Hence, from her own POV, helping her husband acquire land he needed to continue the glorification of his palace complex would have been something that came quite naturally to her.  While we judge her actions as immoral, she probably did not.  The grove owner was only a “little man” to be gotten out of the way by whatever means necessary.
Kind of like the Ukraine(?).
James Michener has a wonderful character in Centenial you might want to draw on a little.  She’s the young wife of a pioneer couple heading down the Ohio towards St Louis to join the wagon train going west that spring.  As he draws her up, she’s a little on the plain side – not a ravishing beauty – but she knows her place is by this man who’s taken her to himself.  So she vows to herself to make him as happy as she possibly can. One way she does this is by learning all the tricks of the trade sexually and keeping him more than satisfied.  But she’s also quick and clever and sees what needs to be done and does it without being told – the “helpmate extraordinaire”.
She was a memorable character and I really liked her the more I got to know her.  She must have been. It’s been decades since I read that book or thought about her.

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