Map Notes

Map Label

  • Israel in 850 BC.
  • Not Israel in Old Testament Times.

Remove all the red lines and labels.

Cities to Add. The links show where they belong. 

  • Kishion –
  • Taanach –
  • Harod –
  • Endor –
  • Akko – (but I spell it Akko)

(I’m looking thru the text for more missing cities.)

Spellings vary widely from author to author. These are mine:

  • Akko, not Acco
  • Beitshan, not Beth-shan

Cities to delete – so the map is easier to read. These do not appear in the story.

  • Pella
  • Zaphon
  • Gezer

Shorten to fit the 6×9 ratio? I like the look of it as is, but you could cut off…

  • Sidon at the top.
  • Wadi El Arish and Kadesh Barnea at the bottom.

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