Mimi’s Theft

Can you see a rectangular box of 24 thin Hershey candy bars in your mind? I could see it in my mind while sitting in church in McPherson, Kansas. Our dad had stored them in the refrigerator, but he was not the only one who liked Hershey bars. I liked them so much that I told a lie to get them.

Filled it with candy bars

Mama let me go home to go to the bathroom. I got home, got my little sand pail, filled it with candy bars, went to the garage and ate them. When my theft was discovered, Bob let it be known that I was about the worst person he had ever known.

A good laugh

Many years later I sent Bob a ten pound Hershey bar. He had a good laugh and gave it away.

I can no longer eat chocolate. It gives me heartburn.

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