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Welcome to – Stories from the Bible – by Dave Parks.

[SDi] I could insert from the About page here.


How old was Elijah?

Paintings in museums show Elijah with bald head and white beard.…[More] ii

Where did you get the idea for The Boy Who Closed the Sky?

In Kings and Chronicles…[More]

When is your next book coming out?

If the Lord wills and I live, in the fall of 2022. …[More] <a href=”#C4″>Progress</a>

Why do you write?

To show how ordinary people in the Bible grapple with challenges.…[More]

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iSD – I’m no expert on newsletters. From other writers, it seems like a lot of them focus on their own lives. Especially pets. Personal stories. Things like that.

Perhaps your newsletter should work more on introducing yourself in the beginning rather than talking so much about the book. Make friends with people first. Maybe tell them a funny story that happened to you when you were twelve and then segue into Elijah.

Is your target audience young or old? This would definitely affect what kind of content.

I use mailchimp, but I’m not sure how much I’ve learned. Feel free to ask me questions, and I’ll answer them if I can : )

iiJohn – These are interesting snippets. I find the third one quite disturbing. If that’s your intention, to get people thinking of the injustice of child slavery, then it’s very effective. Perhaps you could link to an organization trying to rescue modern children from slavery.

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