When is your next book coming out?

If the Lord wills and I live, I hope to publish the story of Obadiah in the fall of 2022.

Friend of the King.
Enemy of the Queen.

Obadiah takes care of royal business for his friend, King Ahab—everything from the palace kitchen to the olive groves of Samaria. He plans military strategy with Ahab and, when Syria invades, drives his chariot into battle beside the king’s.

But King Ahab marries Jezebel. This queen kidnaps steals children from distant back yards and shoves them into brothels. Plus, she kills those who speak out against her. When her thugs murder Liev, son of the head grove manager, the anguish wakens Obadiah to responsibility. Yet, Jezebel’s spies lurk everywhere. How can the friend of the king rescue fugitives from the queen?

Rescue the perishing…. He who holds your life in his hand, doesn’t he know? Proverbs 24:11-12

Click here to read Chapter One, The Forcing of Wrath.

  • Progress:  

September – All 39 chapters in third draft.

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