Chapter Summaries

SUB Obadiah – chapter ?? – H – ?,??? words

1. Wrath: Eight-year-old Ahab and Obadiah bloody each other’s noses.

2. Race: A Syrian arrow cuts short their horse race.

3. Additions: Biah gets another job and Ahab another wife.

4. Shemer’s Hill: While Obadiah hires managers, he argues values with Ahab.

5. Home: When his father is murdered, Obadiah hunkers down.

6. Yedidah: His wife tells him of killings; Obadiah thinks, “not my business.”

8. Slaves: Where Obadiah sees suffering, Ahab sees silver.

9. Pickles: Slave traders murder Liev. Obadiah resists getting involved.

10. Burial: As Obadiah helps bury Liev he avoids conflict.

11. Mourn: Obadiah decides to hide bubblers.

12. Jericho: Obadiah and Yedidah visit the rebuilding of the walls.

13. Gilgal: The quarry cave cannot hold bubblers.

14. Shunem: A desperate woman begs for hope.

15. Do You Pray: Selecting shoppers to feed bubblers.

16. Misliya: A child seeks help for her brother. Obadiah inspects the Misliya cave.

17. Grass: As Obadiah and Ahab search for grass, they find Elijah.

18. Tribes: While the ten tribes on Carmel watch, the Moloch officials fail to ignite a fire.

19. Fire: A fireball hits Elijah’s ox, Elijah kills the Moloch men, and rain ends the drought.

20. Surrounded: The Syrian army surrounds Obadiah and Ahab at Samaria.

20a. Challenge: The elders say, Fight. Ahab sends the challenge.

21. Thrill: A bubbler arrives with a message for the king.

22. Commandos: Ahab gets youngsters ready to lead the attack.

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