Emissary Obadiah

If I can figure how, Obadiah’s point of view, to show Ben Hadad respecting Omri and Ahab as able generals, then a blog post could show that from the Syrian or Assyrian POV.

I think this is pretty easy.  O, being the trusted wingman he is, has probably been sent to BH’s court to negotiate state affairs between the two kingdoms in the past.  Trade issues; safe passage for goods and people; relations with Assyria; hostages etc.  O already knows BH and BH knows him.

In the real life history of the two kingdoms there would have had to existed such people. Like interpreters and scribes and such, they are the knitting in the seams of state relations.  They have always existed and always been necessary.  We’re assuming O could have played this for dramatic reasons having to do with plot, but chances are this was a real role he might actually have played b/c of his close connections to Ahab.  This is not a reach at all.

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