Philistines vs. Phoenicians

  • Philistines down here.
  • Phoenicians up there.
The Sea People, OTOH, took to the sea (over a certain window of time we think) about 200 years before the Phoenicians.  And while they also colonized, they did not, so far as I know set up long range trade networks the way the Phoenicians would later do.  There are no Philistine colonies in Sicily or coastal Tunis like the ones the Phoenicians established later.  The Philistines seemed to be content to trade locally, with the Hebrews and the Egyptians and other nearby countries and then go about their business.
Again, this is all my recollection from previous reading.  If you really need it for something, I’ll have to go confirm it.  But that’s my top of the head take.

Nope, they’re not.

Different people occupying the eastern coast of the Med.  The Phoenicians along what is now Lebanon and Syria; the Philistines along what is now Gaza and Israel (and a little Egypt).  Same loose confederation of city-state governments, but different languages and ethnicities.

I’m still trying to get my head around the idea that Phoenicians and Philistines are not  different names for the same people

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