Elijah said I’m his replacement.

He struck the water with Elijah’s mantle, stepped back, and shouted, “Where is the Lord of Elijah?”

The water divided, falling left and mounting on the right.

The End

01. Chapter One of Elisha

839 BC [Scribblesi]

The Plains of Ammon

Elisha unrolled Elijah’s mantle and held it out at arms length. [What did it look like?] The robe waved in the breeze off the Jordan River.

Why had he torn his own perfectly good robe in pieces? He stood here by the Jordan River naked, wearing only his tunic. ii

Did he dare to put the robe on?


Here come Nathan and Milkah and Sheerah while Elijsha stands here naked in only hit tunic. Put the robe on!

[They crowd into Zim’s chariot. Milkah, Sheerah, Rockam, and Nathan. Zim drives them down into the empty Jordan River bed, through the mud and stones, and up the far bank. Ethan and Caleb and Fievel walk beside the chariot.]

For what? Oh, yes. He had opened a path through the raging river.

Nathan [gray, tall], Zim [blond] driving.“Thank you, son.” Headed north. To Zarephath.

Milkah between Ethan and Caleb. Classy in her silver curls. “You’re such a kind boy. Come see us any time.”

Fiery Sheerah and her solid Rockam. “Don’t be a stranger, boy.”

Everyone walks out of the river bed onto the road, and the river crashes back into its channel to the Salt Sea.

The family all head north, leaving Elisha alone at the Jericho intersection. [Hieliii]

The prophets who hang out in Jericho pronounce, “The spirit of Elijah rests upon Elisha.” 2 Kings 2:15

Nice but it would have felt better coming from Elijah’s family.

Next they insist on hunting for Elijah.

“Told ya.”

Elijah had called him “my replacement,” but


The replacement. Successor. Elijah said I’m his replacement.

Assistant, Tag-along, follower, helper, “poured water on the hands of Elijah.”

Summarize these little trips as assistant.

Show departing family. Who rides with whom? They say what? Look how?

Questions for Elijah’s departing family? Show the members leaving.

In awe of parting water or ho-hum, as expected. He has the cloak, doesn’t he? It’s Elijah’s cloak that parted the water.


Invite Elisha to Tishbe?

He’s left alone.

[Notes: Date of Abel Meholah vs. Chariot of Fire? So we know how long he’s been assistant, follower, servant. Was there a toggle inside he should push to move himself into replacement mode? All these fine family who had surrounded Elijah with support were waving goodbye. Who would be his Nathan? Who would advise him?

Family. It’s what he needs. He turns to leave for home. Advise with Mother and Father.

Then the “prophet school” boys pester – We’ll go hunt for Elijah. He tells them “NO.” Then wants to be polite. “OK. Good look.” They don’t find Elijah. “Told ya.”]

Contrast these bimbos with Nathan, Milkah, Sheerah.

Abel Meholah.

His mother rubbed the cloth of his sleeve between her thumb and finger. Is this the garment she put on Elijah? (Elijah p. 217 She draped the robe over Elijah’s arm. “You’ll need something better than what my boy was wearing with the oxen.”)

i When does Gehazi join him?

What does this mean? “I dwell among my own people.” 2 kings. 4. The Shunamite woman

Why did their names have to sound so much alike?

Made it quick to compare.

Oh, he poured water on the hands Of Elijah.

Thinks he’s boring second rate tag along.

Never ever compare with Elijah

Closed and opened the sky.

Told king Ahab whats what.

Mt Horeb.

Chariot of Fire.

And that chariot was still going.

Elisha check the sky over Jerusalem. Elijah had not re-appeared.

iiElijah – p. 324 “I’m glad you found something better to wear.” He tweaked Elisha’s cheek.

Elisha’s face shone. “Ha. Mother keeps that robe in a special basket and checks it for moths.” ….

Elijah laid a palm along the younger man’s cheek then let his arms drop. “Servant at my side, eh? You’ve done all right, you know. That time you went with me to see Ahab. And when you delivered that awful letter to Jerusalem. Thanks again.”

p. 330 Elijah’s robe fluttered from the sky.

Elisha raced over and caught the cloak to his chest. The second robe Elijah had tossed his way. He buried his nose in the familiar aroma of Tishbe wine then tore his own cloak in two.

iiiIs Hiel here? In 863 BC Obadiah visited him as he was starting the rebuild. In 849 BC, Hiel welcomed Obadiah’s family to Horchanyah in Judah. Ten years ago. We are now in 839 BC.

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