Signed copy?

If you live in the US,

  1. Click here, on Amazon’s link to the Elijah novel.
  2. Check the “Gift” box and put “Signed copy for Your Name.”
  3. Send the book to me, Dave Parks, 8845 Shannon’s Mill Rd., Foley, AL 36535.
  4. Send me your name, address, and $4.44.
  5. I’ll sign it and send it to you.

Fair warning: My handwriting is atrocious. I will print a message inside the front cover then sign it.

Thank you, Tom Mabie, for getting this started, whether or not you were serious.

At the Foley, Alabama, Post Office a lady helped Vickie and me (August 6, 2021) understand book rate within the US is $4.44 including the stick-on label.

Foley, Alabama, US Post Office

4 thoughts on “Signed copy?”

  1. Hi Dave, I’ll be sending for your book this week. Can’t wait to see it. Probably in years to come your
    autograph will be worth big bucks! Tom


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