00. Obadiah Summary


882 At eight years of age, OBADIAH and his friend AHAB visit the troops in their battle against Gibbethon of Philistia. When Ahab strikes SEBA the stable boy, Obadiah bloodies Ahab’s nose. Next day, Obadiah discovers Ahab feeding JEBUS, a homeless Philistine boy. A fishmonger warns Obadiah to “wake up.”

872 At eighteen, Obadiah and Ahab race on horseback. King OMRI arranges the 8th alliance wife for Ahab. He assigns Obadiah bodyguards, sends him to buy Shemer’s Hill, and put’s him in charge of his olive oil business. Random strangers warn Obadiah to “wake up.”

867 Omri dies, and Ahab becomes king. Syrian scouts kill Obadiah’s father. He grieves over not protecting his father. Yet, his MOTHER insists, “Ahab needs you.”

867 King Ahab takes JEZEBEL as queen. She arrives with 400 ASHERAH priests. Obadiah and Ahab argue about the alliance with Jezebel’s father. Security vs. righteousness.

864 Drought set in. Obadiah hears rumors of a boy in goatskin telling Ahab “neither dew nor rain.” When Jezebel’s men kill BUBBLERS, those who speak for the Lord, Obadiah and his bodyguards express concern. Yet he focuses on protecting his wife, YEDIDAH, and their children. “Wake up” messages continue.

864 When Obadiah finds a chain of slaves being delivered to an Asherah temple, he manipulates Ahab into witnessing the horror, yet Ahab appears unmoved.

863 HIEL, hero of Omri’s war for the throne, invites Obadiah and Yedidah to Jericho. Hiel confesses greed brought the death of his first born son when he flouted Joshua’s curse on whomever rebuilds the city. Hiel declares Obadiah will “wake up” and protect bubblers from the queen.

862 Slavers kill the son of GERA Obadiah’s chief olive grove manager and good friend. As they mourn, Obadiah resolves to hide bubblers. Yedidah and her sister organize the hiding and feeding in two caves.

861 The drought ends. Obadiah tells his children how the Lord sent fire on Mt. Carmel in answer to the prayer of the boy in goatskin. How the elders killed 400 Moloch agents, and the rains returned.

859 Syria invades. MIKAYHU, a young bubbler, shows Ahab his attack squad which repels the invasion. The Syrians are drunk. Israel wins. Instead of killing the Syrian king, Ahab bargains with him. Mikayhu tells him the Lord is angry at his deal “Therefore it is your life for his life.” Ahab pouts.

858 Ahab covets Naboth’s vineyard. Jezebel has Naboth killed. Obadiah tries but fails to interrupt the killing. Ahab gets the vineyard.

857 Ahab plots his attack on Ramoth. Ahab invites King Jehoshaphat of Judah to help Israel recover Ramoth from the Syrians. When Jehoshaphat asks for counsel, Asherah priests say to go fight, Ramoth will be belong to Ahab and Jehoshaphat. But Jehoshaphat asks for counsel from the Lord, so Ahab brings in Mikayhu. The boy mocks the Asherah priests and declares Ahab will not return alive from Ramoth.

857 The death of Ahab. He rejects Obadiah’s advice and joins the battle for Ramoth. A stray arrow penetrates his armor, and he bleeds to death. Obadiah and his bodyguards take charge of the retreat and of Ahab’s burial in the royal tomb in Samaria.

849 General Jehu kills Ahab’s son, King Jehoram. Palace eunuchs throw Queen Jezebel from a window, Jehu’s horses trample her, and dogs eat her. The elders of Samaria bring Jehu seventy heads of Ahab’s descendants. Jehu searches for friends of Ahab, to kill them as risks to his own safety.

849 Obadiah’s bodyguards take him, his family, and their families to Hiel in Jericho, who helps them begin a new life beyond the reach of Jehu, across the border in a village of Judah.

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