Where’s Red from?

A red-haired slave trader tosses Nathan over their donkey and shoves a little girl to the ground. The only things Elijah knows are the point of a knife is pricking a hole in his throat and the man’s breath stinks. Yet Elijah’s father knows where the man is from and how to handle him. The … Read more

When did the King’s Highway lose its trees?

Add to trees, kings highway. Those Jews. They cry and they get anything they want. Preface with professor. Well known fact that trees increase rainfall. The King’s Highway was once thick with trees. This trail carried trade from Egypt across the Sinai Peninsula to Aqaba, north to Damascus and the Euphrates River. Here the kings of Edom and of Amor refused … Read more

Did Yellowhammers really sing for Elijah?

Probably so. Yellowhammers live all over the Middle East and are listed in Israels-10-beautiful-birds. The Yellowhammer song influenced a composition by Beethoven and inspired several poems, including “The Yellowhammer’s Nest” by John Clare. “They are the yellowhammer’s and she dwells Most poet-like where brooks and flowery weeds” Yellowhammers on YouTube Eating Singing Other Yellowhammers The state bird of Alabama. … Read more