What readers say about The Boy Who Closed the Sky

The feel and texture of this story drew me into the ancient world of the Bible. Read it and join the journey. More life stories from the Book, Davy, please. – Gary Endermann

It’s like I’m there. Watching.
Darci Frostik

We’ve all been Elijah. Faced with difficult realities, we have questions for God. Dave mixes his experience in the Middle East with humor and truth to engage us in the commonness of the real world. – Dan George, StarQuest Coaching, LLC

This book unpacks the concise spatial and temporal narrative in the Bible into a plausible account. While I greatly enjoyed reading about Elijah I also enjoyed comparing it with the Biblical record. Congrats and THANKS ! Hugh Siefken, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Physics & Engineering, Greenville University

I have been reading a novel about Elijah the prophet, THE BOY WHO CLOSED THE SKY by David Parks. It is impressive. Written with an abundance of detail from 860 years before Jesus’ time. Dave specifies that this is a novel, however, the details illustrate the culture and lifestyle of Elijah’s generation. – Hubert Hotchkiss

Loved the Book! Thoroughly enjoyed this book! It changed my perception of the characters in the Bible as I had never visualized Elijah as a boy with a family. Looking forward to Book #2 in the series. Dewayne R. Coxon, Ph.D., Blossoming Rose, President Emeritus

Clear and lucid; you make the timeless Biblical message adaptable to our time. – Professor Tseggai Isaac

You’re making the stories come alive!
Thanks! – Anita Archer

I just love what you’ve done with this story! Every time I read it I am aware of how similar our hearts are to this ancient culture. While we may not string child slaves together with chains and travel with them out in the open, we do enslave others in horrible, but secret ways; sometimes even secret to ourselves! – Carolee Cole

Lost in time as I read these chapters. Can hardly wait for the next!!
Nancy Ragatz

This book is a spellbinding read that keeps you coming back eager to find out what happens next. This creative rendition of the life of Elijah adds historical and geographical boundaries to the Biblical narrative. The political, spiritual, and moral issues of his day are unfolded with passionate personalities taking on the established powers with bold faith and conviction. Things haven’t changed much after all these centuries and this book inspires a resurrection of the boldness, faith, and conviction of Elijah today. – David George, Good News Community Church

Like it “might have been.” Based in the limited facts found in the Bible, this novel expands to include reasonable possibilities of a person surviving where violence was an everyday event. – Lexie Coxon

An inspirational and classic exploration of the life of Elijah. This work brings biblical content to life and brings me closer to the experiences of that era. – Russ Cole

Dave, I like how you are bringing things from the Bible, expanding them and giving us a good possible insight into sadness and loss. It’s as if we were there witnessing it. – Jerry Brown

Elijah stopped the rain, called fire from above, and was taken in a heavenly chariot. Dave brings this mysterious person to life. – Dan Harvey, Author, Wrestling with Faith

Your story book “Elijah-one of the ordinary people just like us” this is awesome!There are many stories in the Bible I have not read. You have done your best to make it easy to understand and easy to remember the historical events of the Kingdom of Israel. I know you spent a lot of years gathering background material, making all the stories come alive. Zadok the priest, John the Baptist, and many short stories let people know that Elijah the Prophet’s personality is with us, the people. It helps us understand the Bible, not only adults but also children, even those learning English. I was totally captivated by these stories and continue to read them. Thank you for this special gift! – Roger Guo


Your stories are very vivid. God has given you a gift of vision, wisdom, and creativity. Write on! – Linda Ray Center

You draw me in, and make the story come alive.
Thanks for including me. – Wanda

So enjoy your writing style. You have a way of making the stories come alive. Thanks for sharing your gift! – Estelle

I love how you personalize these stories.
— Jeanne Doyon

I was drawn into the story quickly, and moved by the vivid picture of the line of girls and their vicious keepers. – Larry Underhill

When Elijah was just a stripling youth
he confronted a king for infanticide.
Though the king had all earthly powers,
God used a young boy to break his pride. — Tom Mabie

Prepare for a roadside trip with Elijah. This engaging story of Elijah the prophet will make you feel like you’re sitting alongside a road in ancient Israel, watching an “ordinary” young man grapple with extraordinary challenges. In addition to providing a plausible backstory and timeline for Elijah’s activities, David Parks helps the reader see, hear, taste, and feel along with the hero. The book was hard to put down! — Madame Vert

I loved every part of this book! I used it as my kill time during soccer practice reading and as I got into it I struggled more and more to put it down at the end of each practice. Definitely would have been a book I could have read for hours on end without a break. Dave does such a great job making Elijah and his life come alive. Looking forward to future titles by Dave! — Shanielle RypmaShanielle on Facebook

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