(From The Boy Who Closed the Sky: A Novel of Elijah the Prophet)

This novice writer owes so much to so many.

My wife, Vickie, paused whenever she heard, “I need you to listen to this paragraph.”

My archaeologist cousin, Stephen Abbott, researched everything from iron age headscarves and cooking utensils to chariots and hoof boots.

American Christian Fiction Writers coached:

-“Delete that comma?”
-“Could a boy this young use that kind of phrasing?”
-“Dave, pineapples were unknown in the Middle East during the iron age.”
-“Sorry. Looks like buttons for fastening came centuries after Elijah.”
-“I looked that up. Here’s how it really happened.”

Beta readers suggested plot shifts and clarifications:

-Lexie K. Coxon, former English teacher and college administrator
-Dan Harvey, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Southern Oregon University —
-Tess Flores Powers, Consultant for travel to the Holy Land

Editors helped clarify vague points and transitions.

-Becca Wierwille, author of Where the Colors End.
-Amre Cortadino, author of Lifted, From My Window, and Abard House

The proofreader caught typos whose stealth amazed me—Kathy McKinsey, author of Millie’s Christmas, Gifts of Grace, and All My Tears.

Megan McCullough formatted the text –

The Cover:

-NASA shot the nebula for the public domain.
-Georgia Harper, daughter of Suzanne Harper, drew the boy.
-Pat Wagner— &—donated her painting, “Heaven’s Horses.”
-Our son, Ron Harris, arranged the photos and the lettering.

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