Elijah with Passions

All June of 2015 I studied 1 Kings, fascinated with Elisha, Ahab, and Elijah. In July I remembered James (5:17) “Elijah was a man with passions like ours.”

In the 1980s, I had visited Elijah’s home town in Gilead and walked his paths in the Jezreel Valley. I stood where he was exiled in Zarephath and enjoyed his view of snowy Mt. Hermon. I climbed Mt. Carmel where he called fire from Heaven. I worked a dig in the Arava where he may have paused on his flight from Jezebel. But did not find “Elijah was here” graffiti.

Elijah. Passions. Hmm…

  • Did he have a temper?
  • Get discouraged?
  • Notice the ladies?

This could be fun.

What color was his beard? How tall was he? Did he have a family?

I pushed the neighbor’s cat off, opened my laptop, and wrote my first words of fiction.

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