To copy an Avada page

1. Open (or Edit) the page you want to copy
2. Click on Default Editor button near the top (below the title)
3. Right click on code & Choose Select All. Then right click and choose Copy.
4. Note the Avada Options at the very bottom, you may need to come back to this later.
5. On the left menu under pages, choose Add New
6. Give it a title (this will be the actual title of your webpage)
7. Click the Default Editor Tab
8. Paste the code you copied previously on Avada builder button to change the view back to what it was.
10. Change “template” drop down on right to “100% width”
11. Click publish
12. Go down to Avada Options (may need to go to the previous page to note the options) and make sure they matched the page you wanted to copy.
12. Click publish again if changes were made.

Done!! ✅

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