Two Strategy Questions

Let’s take the last  one first.
Yes. If A & O have already planned for A to be the bait, then he goes out with a small contingent of guards on his chariot and them on their ponies and appears to be surprised by BH and company.  This has been predetermined.  And if you like my suggestion about O having a sleepless night the night before the battle, who’s waiting for him in one of the traps that we’re NOT going to end up actually using is this untrustworthy sheik/tribal chieftain that’s causing O to worry.  In the original plan, he is supposed to close the trap around BH, but O wonders if he’s up to it.
But after God’s messenger comes with the revision, A & O now understand that their Sheik Dubious is just the guy to seal the deal.  He’s going to be a bit of an afterthought, but a very useful one.  Instead of closing the ring around BH, he’s just going to panic him that he’s going to be surrounded.  As the message has stated, A (& O) will lead a surprise frontal attack from a little further up the valley headed by the 232. And if that works as planned, the route will already be well underway by the time BH’s army arrives at Sheik Dubious.
If you sent me a map, I didn’t see it with this copy, so please try again. But even without a copy of your map, from what you’ve described I think I can lay out a plausible scenario.
A & O’s revised plan (God’s plan) is going to take place in the narrower valley b/c:
  1. This is supposed to be BH’s sneak attack Ahab wasn’t expecting that will throw his defense of the city into disarray.  BH has sent a token force to surround the city, but it isn’t strong enough to pull off a siege by itself.  This attack is supposed to be the main show.
  2. The second valley will have steeper walls and better hiding places for the slingers who are going to put the ball in play.  This is going to make it more difficult for both armies to deploy fully, so all the more reason that those archers with A & O will be effective.  They can stay clustered up and still do their work where swordsmen and spearmen can’t.  NOTE: BH will also have archers, but doesn’t have them deployed now b/c they wouldn’t be expected to be useful till surrounding the walls.
  3. No chariots.  However many BH brought with him, they are all parked in the rear under guard out on that river flood plain b/c they can’t get up the valley any further (good planning Omri!).  And, OBTW, about those chariots? One reason BH bolts when he sees his troops running is b/c he’s afraid all those expensive, beautiful chariots he’s so proud of will fall into Ahab’s hands.  That’s what Sheik Dubious can see from his position and why he’s so eager to lead this charge when he gets the signal.  He’s supposed to steal those chariots as part of encircling BH’s army from the rear.  It’s up to you whether this part of the Big Plan works or not, but it’s the motive for Sheik Dubious to rise to the moment one more time for Ahab.
  4. As for BH, he’s come in all overconfident that he’s got Ahab right where he wants him, so when it all starts going south in just a few moments all he can think about is his precious chariots; he can’t stop to reform his men or to lead the troops. He’s got to take the big-wig commanders and book down the valley as fast as they can go or he’ll have to walk home!  It wasn’t supposed to be this hard.  He’s committed the first sin of war, he’s underestimated his enemy.
  5. B/c no chariots is why the battalion leaders are on horseback coming up that narrow valley.
  6. Our Sheik Dubious now has the opportunity to burnish his reputation. He gets to descend on the flank of BH’s panicked troops and finish the route begun up the valley by A & O and the 232.  And when they’re all sitting around the campfire swapping stories after the whole thing is over it will be O who will loudly praise the “work” of Sheik Dubious b/c he knows how to keep people loyal to their king. A little praise goes a long way.  And besides, this is the old dude’s last campaign.  Seeing the fine work his son has done during the battle, he now realizes it’s time to turn tribal operations over to him, so what can O’s praise hurt?  He’s given his old friend some pride and some memories to recount to the grandkids.

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