Elijah 2nd Edition

When you find typos in The Boy Who Closed the Sky, please think “Second Edition” and send me the page number and the exact wording of the line.

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If I make a second edition of I would like to…

  • put a map near the front
  • correct typos
  • clarify murky spots
  • tighten loose paragraphs


Author’s Notes

At the end of Elijah.
[…Author’s Note
Dear Reader,
Though this story ends here, it isn’t really the end. The Dutch War for Independence/The
80 Years War, waged until 1648, finally ending with freedom for what would become the Dutch
Republic. For brevity’s sake, I couldn’t get into all the political issues involved, but the
Protestant Reformation and Spanish inquisition played a large role throughout the war, and that’s
what I focused on here.
So, what is true?
During the 80 Years War, the city of Leyden was besieged for a year by the Duke of
Alva, who was sent by Philip…]
“As far as the issues of this world go, current or historical… when I write a story it’s the characters, time, and setting that choose the relevant issues for me and the deeper spiritual themes are most often birthed from those.” Lori Benton inhttps://sherryshindelar.com/elementor-1322/

Preface –  This is my first fiction.

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